About NetDocuments

NetVoyage Corporation, doing business as NetDocuments, was organized in 1998 as one of the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies in the world. We are based in Lehi, Utah with an office and data centers in the United Kingdom. Our vision is to leverage the Web and the cloud delivery model to offer the world’s most feature-rich and efficient document management service, including the collaboration of work in progress documents and emails, document images, and documents as records. The NetDocuments engineering and management teams are the same people who first introduced document management (SoftSolutions) in the early 1990’s. Our experience in document management and networks is deep and wide and it shows in our software and service.

NetDocuments is used in legal, real estate, financial services, health services and a variety of other businesses who wish to have organizational control and universal access for their documents. NetDocuments was designed for businesses as opposed to a consumer service attempting to upscale to businesses. This means that NetDocuments is truly scalable to service a large organization with millions of documents, thousands of users who service tens of thousands of clients or projects.

As a true multi-tenant SaaS Company, the NetDocuments Service requires no hardware, packaged software, systems integrator, and/or reseller. We assist you in uploading your documents to your new NetDocuments repository via the Internet on weekends, we train your trainers via the Web, and we update your service with seamless upgrades several times per year.