About NetDocuments

  • Ken Duncan

    Chief Executive Officer, President

    As co-founder and CEO of NetDocuments, Ken is focused on leading the company to achieve his vision to fundamentally change the way people work with documents. Ken, along with his co-founders, pioneered the concept of managing documents on LANs in the early 1990s, preparing the way for today's SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) ' based document and content management.

    Ken and his partners co-founded NetDocuments in 1998, their third technology company. Ken was co-founder and CEO of SoftSolutions Technology Corporation, a company that in the early 1990s pioneered LAN-based document management software, capturing 54% of the market share before being sold to WordPerfect in 1994. In 1995 WordPerfect sold to Novell, where Ken was VP and General Manager of the GroupWare division. Before SoftSolutions, in the 1980s, Ken and his partners co-founded TREMCO Legal Solutions, Inc.

    Ken holds a bachelors and masters degrees from Brigham Young University. He was Utah Valley's Entrepreneur of the Year in 1994 and a finalist for Utah's Entrepreneur of the Year award the same year. He has served as board member of the Utah Information Technology Association, and as charter chairman of the Commission for Economic Development in the city of Orem, Utah.

    Ken's interests outside of NetDocuments include cattle ranching in Montana.

  • Alvin Tedjamulia

    Chief Technology Officer

    Alvin co-founded NetDocuments with Ken and Lee Duncan in 1998. Alvin graduated in Computer Science and Statistics from BYU as a University Scholar and summa-cum-laude, and pursued graduate studies in the MBA program and masters in Computer Science. He received the Outstanding Young Scientist award from the United Nations and was co-founder of SoftSolutions, until WordPerfect and Novell acquired the company.

    At WordPerfect he served as Director of Strategic Planning for Groupware, Vice President and Group CTO for WordPerfect Corp, and General Manager and VP of Advanced Technology Group. Alvin was a co-founder of the Open Document Management API (ODMA), and the DEN industry consortium. He served as one of the four Board Members of the OpenDoc group, with representatives from IBM, Apple Computers and Adobe.

    At Novell, Alvin was VP of Engineering for the Java Technology Group and Vice President of the Developer Services Group for 5 years, responsible for the Novell Developers Kit, Java Virtual Machine, distributed technologies (including CORBA), Web Application Servers, RAD components, Netscape technologies, and Oracle services for Novell.

  • Lee Duncan

    Chief Operating Officer

    Lee co-founded SoftSolutions Technology Corporation, along with Ken and Alvin. After SoftSolutions was sold to Novell, Lee became Director of Technical Services for the newly formed Novell GroupWare Division, including GroupWise and SoftSolutions. He was also a co-founder of TREMCO Legal Solutions, Inc. Lee pioneered innovative fee-based support programs for the emerging document management market and customer solution-based services. He has refined the art of support over the years - from host systems, LANs, and now the Internet. Lee holds an MBA from Arizona State University.

  • Barry Jahansetan

    Chief Financial Officer

    As CFO, Barry Jahansetan manages all finance, legal, human resources, and administration for NetDocuments. He has over 20 years of experience in financial and operational management of both public and private companies in SaaS, communication, security, media, and enterprise software, including 13 years as a chief financial officer. Since 2013 NetDocuments has benefited from his deep experience in partnering with management to build sustainable, predictable, and profitable sales; reduce costs; invest for global growth; and present the company’s financial story to investors and bankers, as well as his expertise in guiding a company through both economic and industry cycles.

    Previously, Barry was chief financial officer at Devicescape, a provider of cloud based Wi-Fi management services; Attributor (Digimarc), an online content monitoring and enforcement SaaS service; Sonopia, which provides tools and technologies that help small organizations offer their own branded mobile service; Intoto (Freescale Semi), a network security software provider; SigmaQuest (Camstar), a provider of SaaS supply chain intelligence solutions; SmartDB, a leading provider of adapter technology for the enterprise application integration market; and before that, he was VP finance and administration at Saba Software (SABA), which provides SaaS talent management services, and director of finance at Castelle (CSTL), a provider of network appliances.

  • Brad Clements

    Vice President, Engineering

    Brad and his team are delivering a steady stream of enhancements and new features to our user community. Brad is committed to maintaining levels of performance, reliability, security, and ease of use that are unsurpassed in the industry.

    Brad was the Senior Technical Director at SoftSolutions Technology Corporation. In that position he was one of the lead software architects of the SoftSolutions Document Management System, which became the market leader among LAN-based document management systems.

    Following the acquisition of SoftSolutions by WordPerfect and then Novell, Brad oversaw development of all workflow and document management products at Novell. While in this position Brad authored the first version of ODMA (Open Document Management API) which has been adopted by Microsoft, Lotus, Corel, and many applications. Brad also participated in the Workflow Management Coalition, establishing standards for interoperability between workflow management systems.

    Brad authored a book on porting software to Unix. He has also written articles for numerous trade publications. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics / Computer Applications from Brigham Young University.

    Brad is an avid outdoorsman. He spends a couple of weeks each year backpacking the mountains and redrock deserts of Utah and surrounding states. He has served as a scouting leader for over 10 years, helping dozens of boys build character and learn to appreciate the outdoors.

  • Leonard Johnson

    Vice President, Marketing

    Having been with the company since its beginning, Leonard has been involved with many aspects of the business and witnessed the phenomenal growth NetDocuments has experienced during the past several months, as individuals and businesses of all sizes are adopting NetDocuments as their document eServices provider. Leonard's focus continues to be in market strategy, communications, public relations, and product marketing.

    Leonard has been in the computer industry since 1983 and involved in document management services since 1992. He began his career working for one of the early pioneers in PCs, Kaypro Corporation, which was at the time one of the fastest growing companies in the computer industry. He moved to the Netherlands, where he became General Manager of Kaypro Europe overseeing sales, marketing and distribution for the European market with offices in four countries. In 1989, Leonard created and established a European operation for a Korean computer manufacturer to begin marketing its own European line of products under the name of Graphite Microsystems with sales and distribution throughout the European countries. Leonard spent a total of six years living in both the Netherlands and England.

    In 1992, Leonard joined SoftSolutions Technology Corporation in Orem, Utah, and helped establish the International sales, marketing and distribution of SoftSolutions. SoftSolutions was localized in five languages and distributed in over 30 countries. When SoftSolutions was purchased by WordPerfect and then Novell, Leonard assumed the role of International Marketing Director for the Novell GroupWare Division, responsible for the marketing and sales of the GroupWare product lines in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia Pacific areas.

    Leonard has enjoyed marketing, presenting and traveling in countries all over the world. Leonard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University.

  • Matt Duncan

    Sr. Account Manager & General Manager - UK Office

    Matt Duncan is Sr. Account Manager and General Manager EMEA at NetDocuments, the leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content management. Matt has been with NetDocuments for over 12 years in various roles, including business development and sales. Matt holds a bachelor's degree in Information Systems, and an MBA from the University of Cambridge. Prior to working at NetDocuments, Matt worked with SoftSolutions, a pioneer in enterprise document management. Matt has experienced firsthand the evolution of software from the traditional, on-premise model to today's SaaS/Cloud model.