“Our clients simply go to NetDocuments and they have access to all their secured data live. We just put it on the web and then say...there ya go.”
—Carol McCracken, Licensed Real Estate Broker

NetDocuments allows everyone on a team to stay in sync. Your team can organize, share and access your document work whether you are at the office, at home, on the road or at your favorite vacation spot.

NetDocuments allows you the freedom to work anywhere, eliminate the hassles and cost of installing servers and system software to run your business, and NetDocuments provides you with peace of mind, knowing your work is backed up and secured.

Increase Team Productivity with Collaboration

  • Create, open, edit and save documents directly from within Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Work with any other file type. NetDocuments interacts with your computer's list of applications.
  • Search content of documents. Go paperless by easily scanning to online folders. Manage versions, track history, email notify, and set document security.

Create a Secure Data Room

  • Store all your business documents and emails in two redundant, world-class data centers protecting from disasters or failed hard drives.
  • Save thousands by eliminating servers and backup systems.
  • Easy saving of Outlook emails for organizing and saving in a single repository.
  • Meet compliance requirements related to HIPAA, SEC, FINRA and other industry-specific standards.

Enhance Customer Loyalty with a client portal for document sharing

  • Create a virtual deal room with customers, clients or partners.
  • Get automatic email alerts when others have made edit changes.
  • Keeps history of the user activity and sets access rights such as view only, edit and etc.
  • Share documents, create threaded discussions, add photos, web links, etc.

Collaborate with your Mobile Device

  • Access your documents from any Internet device, 24x7.
  • Get automatic email alerts when others have made edit changes.

How we help you


  • Global access to documents and emails from any internet enabled device.
  • Collaboration with clients
  • Fast and accurate searching to locate content quickly.


  • Built in disaster recovery and full redundancy of data storage.
  • Encrypted data in transit and at rest to ensure the highest confidentiality.
  • Comprehensive administrative reporting of all user activity across all content.

Field Staff

  • Standardized method across all users for saving and filing content.


  • Easy access via client portals for secure document sharing and collaboration
  • Secure and private threaded discussions