• Extranet Services - NetDocuments can be used exclusively as a collaborative, online Deal Room, Data Room or other project-based, multi-party collaborative service. Designed for large law firms to compliment their existing DMS. Note: Unlimited Extranets services and features are included in NetDocuments Professional Edition.
  • Email Management Service - Easily file Microsoft® Outlook™ emails to NetDocuments. Simply drag or drop the emails to standard Outlook folders — folders which NetDocuments has automatically created in Outlook mirroring the same folder hierarchy you've created in NetDocuments. Behind the scenes, the emails are stored in the native Outlook msg format, and auto-profiled.
  • Local Document Service - For business continuity and extended peace of mind, install software physically on a server located at your premises to have an ongoing connection to the NetDocuments data center and maintain a complete up-to-date backup of all your organization's documents.
  • NDSearch Analysis - NDSearch is an underlying core component of NetDocuments serving its users with quick, full-text access to targeted search results — discovery of the known. NDSearch Analysis increases awareness of content unknown such as specific organizations, people, locations, and topics.
  • NDLink - Local software utility to auto schedule the updating of your NetDocuments lookup tables (e.g. clients, matters) from any ODBC-compliant database, such as billing systems, CRMs, etc.
  • Consolidated User Reporting & Analytics - Provides repository adminstrators the ability to produce a repostory-level user activity report, based on a date range, highlighting when documents have been opened, edited or saved. The report can be viewed in Excel or imported into database software such as SQL Server or Access, as well as any report writer.
  • Experience more with Third - Party Integrations - Go to the NetDocuments Marketplace to get access to third-party applications that are integrated with NetDocuments to better fit your specific business needs and for different industry types. New applications are regularly added.


  • Contact NetDocuments sales for specific Extranet pricing.
  • 30% of your total user subscription fee. Your base storage is doubled for emails.
  • 7% of your total user subscription fee. Minimum monthly fee of $125.
  • 10% of your total user subscription fee.
  • 2% of your total user subscription fee. There is a minimum monthly fee of $40.
  • 2% of your total user subscription fee.
  • Go to NetDocuments Marketplace for a complete listing of other products and services and their respective pricing.

For professional consulting services, such as document migration, training, etc. visit our Support section.

Additional Storage - Shared storage for all your users is included based on the number of internal users subscribed. For additional storage needs, any amount of storage can be ordered at anytime. PRICING: $3 per GB/Month.