Frequently asked questions

  • What is NetDocuments? - NetDocuments is a secure cloud service where you can store, share, and access your documents. Use it for all of your business needs. In addition to all business usage, it can be used for any type of document or email including personal. Documents can be scanned into NetDocuments using various TWAIN scanners. You can also easily import documents you have stored locally on your PC or a shared drive. Any document put into NetDocuments can be accessed anywhere in the world you have a connection to the Internet. It can also be accessed using various mobile devices and tablets.

  • Who can use it? - Anyone who uses documents and emails and wants them to be universally available and shareable can use NetDocuments. You no longer need to lug around a laptop, or a flash drive, or be tied to your computer or your office. If you share files with your customers or your clients or other people outside of your organization, then this service is for you. You can share virtually any kind of file format with anyone in the world who has an email address and an Internet browser.

  • Is my information protected? - All content in NetDocuments is stored in redundant and secure data centers and is always protected using the Secure Socket Layer structure provided by the browser. Documents are always encrypted in transit and in storage. Documents are always accessed using a secure username and password assigned to each user. You control your documents and who can access them. A strict privacy policy ensures that you are the owner of the documents.

  • What are the system requirements? If you are using Email Management Service (EMS), we recommend the following settings:
    1. Microsoft Windows 7 or Higher
    2. Device with at least 2GB RAM and current-level CPU

    Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are supported using an ActiveX control in Internet Explorer. We recommend the most current version of Internet Explorer available depending on your operating system, which is currently 10 for Windows 7 and 8 and 11 for Windows 8.1.

    Microsoft Office and Adobe Integration Software Information:

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+ is required for these integrations.
    Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, or 2013.
    Adobe Professional 10.0+
    Adobe Reader 10.0+

    When you first login, if using IE, you will be prompted to download an ActiveX program which allows a seamless connection to applications on your PC. You can also access NetDocuments using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), a Mac, or a PC not running Internet Explorer without the ActiveX add-on and you can still view, access, and share your documents.

  • How do I login to my account? - Open a browser on your PC and go to https://vault.netvoyage.com/neweb2/doccent.aspx or https://eu.netdocuments.com/neweb2/doccent.aspx if you are using the EU datacenter. Enter your username and password which you should have set up using an email you received from NetDocuments. If you forgot your username or password, click the Forget your Password link on the login page to get the information sent to you in an email. The first time you login, you will be prompted to install an ActiveX program from the browser. On the yellow bar that displays in the browser, select Install ActiveX. It will take a minute or less to load. You need Windows Admin rights on your PC to install the ActiveX.

  • Can I access my account anywhere in the world? - One of the great benefits of NetDocuments is that your documents are no longer accessed from one place. You can access them from anywhere in the world. You just need a Windows device or other supported device, an Internet browser with access to the Internet, and Microsoft Office if you want to edit a document.

  • How do I create a folder organization for my documents? - On the left-hand side, you will see the navigation pane which displays all of your folders and workspaces. You can add a top-level folder by going to the bottom of the list, and clicking Add top-level folder. Type in the name of the new folder. To add a subfolder, click the name of the parent folder, and at the top right-hand side go to Folder Options. Click Add Subfolder and type in a name for the folder. To rename or delete an existing folder, click the name of the folder and then select Folder Options at the top and select either the Rename or Delete option. You can continue this process to build your folder structure.

  • How do I scan documents into NetDocuments? - Once you have created your folder organization, we make the process of adding your documents as simple as possible. You can scan from a variety of scanners using our Desktop Scanner Connector. You can scan directly from the scanner into NetDocuments by going to New > Scanned Image at the top left. This will open the Desktop Scanner Connector which allows you to use any TWAIN scanner you have connected to the computer. Your scanner interface will open and when you are done scanning, a bowser tab will be open, prompting you to save the scanned file to NetDocuments.

  • How do I add documents on my PC into NetDocuments? - If you currently have existing documents on your device, just login to NetDocuments on your device. Open the folder where you want the document to be. Click the Upload button at the top left. Select one or more documents, click Open, and they will be imported into your folder. If you have a complete folder and document structure that you need to import, we provide a program for you to easily upload them. Go to Help > Admin and Downloads > Downloads and Integrations > and find the Folder Import Utility.

  • Can I just create documents from within NetDocuments? - Absolutely! Just open the folder you want the document in and click the New button at the top left and select Blank Document. It will ask you to name the document and then automatically take you to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your device where you can edit the document. Then close the application, select Save and click the green Check in button in NetDocuments and you're done.

  • Can I print my Word document from NetDocuments? - Just right click on the document name and select print. You can select several documents and print them also. The documents will be sent to your default printer.

  • How do I store an email in NetDocuments? - Yes, we make that simple also. Each folder has an email addresses associated with it which can be obtained by selecting the Email Address option when the folder is open. Just forward your email to this address by copying it into the email forwarding address. Attachments will also be automatically sent with the email into NetDocuments. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get your documents into NetDocuments and start working in the online world — totally unattached to a location. Most firms will also use our Email Management Software – EMS Folders or EMS Profiler - integrated with Outlook. For more information, go to Help > Admin and Downloads > Downloads and Integrations > and find EMS.

  • Can I search for words in a document? - Yes, NetDocuments includes a powerful search. Just enter the words you want to search for in the search box at the top. All the relevant documents will be quickly presented to you. Click the Advanced Search button in the search bar for more searching options.

  • Can I save a search query and re-use it? - Yes, this is cool. Once you do a search, if that is a search that you would like to repeat and have it include all documents and automatically include new ones that have been added which meet that search criteria, you can save the search criteria for later use. We call this a Saved Search and it is marked by a red folder icon. Just do a search, and under search result options, click Save Search, name the search, and file it in a folder. Any time you click on it, it will automatically run that same search again and display all documents that meet the search criteria.

  • What is the Recent Docs link for? - To make it easy for you, we show the last 40 documents which you have opened, edited, or created in NetDocuments. Just click the Recent Docs option at the top to quickly view your recent documents.

  • Can I add other employees to my Account? - By all means! If you are the Administrator of the account, click the Admin link at the top right. Click the second menu item to Add Users. Click the Purchase more User Accounts link. Add the number of users you want. You can add more users at any time. Next, add each user by entering the person's email address into the box provided and click the Add button. You will be asked to enter the new user’s Name, Email Address, and Username. We suggest you use the email address as the username. An email will be sent to the person with their username and password and a link to login. After that, you can add them to any cabinets you want them to access. Each person added now has access to your folders and documents in that cabinet.

  • Can I share documents with someone outside my organization? - NetDocuments includes a very secure collaboration option to share documents with others outside of your organization at any time of the day. Just locate the folder where the documents are filed. Select each one you want to share and click More Options in the right-hand menu. Next click Share Externally. You can create a new ShareSpace, or file to an existing one. Enter the name of your ShareSpace and click OK. You will now see the ShareSpace listed in the folder that you chose. Click the ShareSpace name to open it. Select the Modify Access option from the ShareSpace options menu. Click the Add button at the bottom left and enter the external person's email address. You will be asked to create an account for the person by entering their name and email address and username (HINT: Use their email address as the username). Click OK. They will be sent the welcome email with their username and a link to create a password. When they login, they will only see the contents of the ShareSpace. Add more users the same way. Each name you add now appears in the box on the right. Highlight each name to assign View Rights (V) or View, Edit (VE) if you want them to edit the documents by clicking the radio button under the names. Click the Close button. Select Email Link option from the menu and an email will be sent to each user containing a link to the ShareSpace and the documents. You can now collaborate back and forth using no email attachments or creating multiple document copies.