Your Favorite Star

A NetDocuments user can create
their own home page to display their favorite items.

Some documents, folders, saved searches or workspaces are just too good to be forgotten. Just make them favorites by clicking the star next to any item. The star will magically change to gold and your document or folder gets added to your personal Home page. Click the star again to remove it from your Home page, or right click on the star to get to related options.

Create your own Home page sections, drag any document or item to your shiny new section and organize your favorite stuff anyway you like. Isn't it nice to have the luxury to rearrange the furniture in your own Home?

The Navigator

The left, blue navigation bar is the guide to your organization's world of information. Most of the time you work within a single cabinet with folders and subfolders where all your documents are organized the way your business wants them.

Otherwise, you may work in a Workspace- organized Cabinet, where your documents are auto-organized and aggregated in your hundreds or thousands of projects, clients or matters. With a simple click you can freely navigate from one project to another.


Q: What is the best way to organize documents for hundreds to even thousands of projects or clients, have a common set of folders for each client, and then ensure permissions and auto-tagging of keywords are being applied to
the documents?

A: NetDocuments Workspaces. Workspaces prove, yet again, the technological leadership, scalability and innovation of NetDocuments, and why NetDocuments was designed for businesses of all sizes that have intensive document production and collaborative environments.

Wherever you go, wherever you are

NetDocuments was designed for mobility. Back in 1998 when NetDocuments was established, its vision was to change the way people worked and lived related to their document work. The communication, delivery, sharing and accessing their work anywhere, anytime — at home, on the road, and at the client site, was the premise of why NetDocuments was established.

Mobility has truly come to life with the onset of tablets. Businesses, law firms and people everywhere love the ease of use, simplicity and lightness of a tablet. Whatever device you have, begin now access- ing and working with your documents anywhere, anytime.

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Collaborate and Share with Clients

Make better, faster decisions with NDSearch, an enterprise-class search platform embedded in NetDocuments and available to all users. Improve productivity and discover information with more intelligence and more power than you've ever had before.

A ShareSpace can be created in just minutes — without any IT administrators involved. Create a client portal, an extranet for a legal case, or a collaborative space for a project. ShareSpace's are secured and encrypted, all actions are tracked, permission rights can be granted, and email alerts can be automatically sent when changes are made.

Secure and Protected

ShareSpaces are always encrypted in transmission across the Internet, and comply with most industry requirements such as SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Set document permissions, e.g., view only, view and edit, or full admin rights. A history of all actions is tracked. Documents can be approved and digitally signed.