what we do

“With NetDocuments, our overall technology costs
have gone down about 75%.”
—Ashe Lockhart- Partner, Lockhart LLC, NC

NetDocuments allows you the freedom to access and work on your documents anywhere. Get to the Internet and login to all your documents. Create, edit, share and collaborate with others. Organize into folders based on clients or projects. Search the content of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF's, and emails. Have the peace of mind knowing your work is backed up and secured in world-class data centers.

Collaborate and work together beyond email

Employees and external people across diverse locations come together to share knowledge and work in secure, online workspaces or data rooms. Use the Internet to connect and be connected. Become immediately productive.

As documents and emails are always at the center of our communication and business activity, having NetDocuments as a core Internet platform for your business processes ensures a high level of security, protection, and capabilities to complete your tasks and increase client loyalty without the hassles of technology getting in the way.

Over 20 Years Experience

Who is NetDocuments? We have over twenty years experience in developing document management applications, including the twelve years since NetDocuments was established. With our expertise in servicing major law firms, we know how critical it is to secure your intellectual assets, to guarantee 99.99% uptime and availability of your information, and to protect it from disaster. That is why we have four world-class data centers, housing hundreds of millions of documents across our thousands of customers, in over 128 countries worldwide.

The air is cleaner & the sky is bluer

Cloud computing is IT anywhere. It's removing the barrier and costs of on-premise hardware, system software, out-of-date software, and business continuity risks. Just as phones, electricity, and ecommerce are all services in the cloud, your business and its processes driven by technology can also be delivered as services in the cloud.

NetDocuments can easily help you migrate your documents and connect your Outlook to get you Internet-ready. Imagine anytime, anywhere access to all your document work. But the real value is connecting your clients, customers and partners and delivering value to them.

  • One repository and one view to all content. Create, edit, manage versions, collaborate and share documents. Share common services like full-text search, access rights, history, project/client matter centricity, etc. Full integration with Microsoft Office apps including Outlook.

  • Enterprise-level document management to support tens of thousands of client records and millions of documents. Accessible anywhere, anytime,with built-in backup, document restore, and local device caching for offline mode—all at an affordable subscription and storage.

  • Easily share documents with clients and others. Create client workspaces where your client can upload, edit and access documents.

Small to large businesses, law firms, financial service firms, health care and real estate organizations can save tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the hardware, system and client software, and ongoing administration of on-premise systems. It's easy to get started. Subscription pricing starts at $20 per user per month with a base level of storage included. Give it a try now with a 30 day trial account.