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NetDocuments gives you the flexibility to choose the right tool to get the job done.

Work doesn't happen alone, or in a single location. Leverage NetDocuments' feature-rich collaboration tools to get more done with others both inside and outside of your organization, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Internal Collaboration

Working together as a company, team, and across departments has never been easier.

NetDocuments has a suite of collaboration features that enables documents to be accessed, edited, shared, and organized throughout the entire organization. Content is organized into collaborative workspaces based on customizable metadata tags. The workspace is then accessed by all the individuals and groups that have the appropriate security rights. Within the workspace, collaboration is enhanced with:

  • Direct document links for notifying individuals within the company
  • Automatic alerts via email or RSS feed when documents are edited
  • Document approval
  • Version control, auto-versioning, and version locking
  • Document history and audit trail

Collaborating With Others

Document Delivery

Quick and easy sharing with a Document URL.

Delivering a secured link to a document enables you to select one or multiple documents and generate a direct access URL you can send to anyone.

  • Set an optional password
  • Lock the version being shared
  • Grant or restrict the ability to download the document
  • Set an automatic expiration date for the URL to expire


Robust external collaboration with full NetDocuments functionality.

On a deeper level of collaboration, NetDocuments extranet feature allows you to grant access to companies and other third parties by allocating cabinets, workspaces, and folders with the full functionality of the service.


A space for ongoing collaboration with individuals outside your company.

The ShareSpaces feature gives you unlimited secure digital rooms to share content.

  • Create accounts for individuals accessing the ShareSpace
  • Set security rights and permissions for individuals accessing the ShareSpace
  • Organize documents with document categories
  • Engage in a secure threaded discussion
  • Enable automatic notifications when content is added or edited
  • Customize the branding with a unique logo