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Document Management

NetDocuments has been the leader in cloud-based document management since 1999, helping firms to reduce costs and increase productivity with enterprise search, built-in disaster recovery, client, matter, and project-centric workspaces, and any time access on a modern platform that scales to both small and large firms alike.

Combining Power and Simplicity

NetDocuments offers a powerful suite of tools for document management, including our unique integration with Office 365. Combined, these powerful tools will allow for smarter document management within your office.


Key Features

  • Organization

    Organize documents across cabinets, tags, folders, or workspaces across the firm's global repository.

  • Enterprise Search

    Search across cabinets or the entire repository with full-text enterprise search, including search analysis, metadata, phrase, and proximity searching that supports Boolean operators, lemmatization, and spell checking.

  • Work with documents

    Create, edit, and collaborate on documents with full version control, locking, and rights provisioning.

  • Document permissions and customizable user access

    Grant or restrict access and edit rights to individuals or user groups at the cabinet, folder, metadata, or document level.

  • Integrations

    Work smarter with seamless integrations with Microsoft Office and Adobe for easy opening, saving, and editing.

  • Records Management and Retention Policies

    Manage your records and entire document lifecycle with customizable retention policies, litigation hold, and imaging services.

  • Alerts

    Receive automatic notifications for documents and folders you follow.

  • Document History

    View the comprehensive audit trail for a document, tracking all activity by user, date, time, and action.

  • Approval

    Stamp documents with your approval to aid in the workflow process.

  • Third Party Integrations

    Integrate your document work with many third party applications developed to help you get more done in less time.

The Power of the Cloud

Cloud computing is IT anywhere; it eliminates the barriers and costs of on-premise hardware and system software. NetDocuments' cloud includes world-class datacenters with redundancy and security that employs above-industry standards. NetDocuments allows your business and its technology-driven processes to be delivered as a service through the cloud.

The Power of Experience

Who is NetDocuments? We have over twenty years of experience in developing document management applications, including the eighteen years since NetDocuments was established. With our expertise in servicing major law firms, we know how critical it is to secure your intellectual assets, to ensure the availability of your information, and to protect it from disaster. That's why we have four world-class datacenters, collectively housing over seven billion documents owned by thousands of customers in over 140 countries worldwide.