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26 Questions to Ask Before Your Next DMS Purchase

To make the switch a simple and one-time process

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Make the switch a simple and one-time process

A document management system (DMS) is an essential tool for the modern lawyer as matters continue to become increasingly complex—requiring more collaboration, transparency with clients, and documents than ever.
In an effort to remove the burdensome gaps in your lawyer's workflows, while gaining efficiency, DMS platforms–specifically cloud platforms–are becoming favored by innovative law firms. But changing your document management system is no small feat, and unknowns can be scary. You want to have 100% confidence.

In order to make the right choice, you must ask the right questions.

Get this guide to learn 26 must-ask questions when you are considering a new DMS so you can think twice and make the switch once.

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organization & workflow

Key to any successful DMS evaluation is how effectively it removes the burdens of onerous, repetitive tasks that drain your employee's time.

security & compliance

Cloud solutions often offer advanced security and compliance options that organizations would be hard-pressed to replicate without significant investments and manpower.

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