Two people at work look and smile at a paper one of them is holding.

Focus on results, not binders.

Focus on results, not binders.

Automate the process of assembling and sharing document collections, so you can stay focused on results.

How much time doesyour team spend manually assembling and distributing binders and other documentcollections? And how many things would they rather be doing? 

NetDocuments helps take the busy work out of your legal work by giving you the tools you need to keep up with a demanding workday. With NetDocuments, you can:

  • Take advantage of advanced search capabilities that leverage custom metadata to make documents easier to locate and use.
  • Stay productive even when you’re not connected with a solution that provides local access to the files you need when you’re offline—and then automatically syncs everything back to the cloud when you reconnect.
  • Share files internally and externally from one system while maintaining all the rules, governance and retention policies needed to ensure adherence to policy.

All that time previously spent trying to collect and assemble outdated binders can now be utilized for perfecting the overall client experience.

Work Smarter with NetDocuments.