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Big files? No problem.

Big files? No problem.

Trade generic, ad-hoc cloud storage for a secure solution that’s built for legal professionals.

Sharing and collaborating on documents is still too difficult—especially when the files are too big to email. NetDocuments provides a secure, purpose-built alternative that makes sharing and collaborating on large files a natural extension of your document management solution. With NetDocuments, you can:

  • Provide a safe, easy way to access and collaborate on documents from any location or device—without dealing with VPNs or jumping through other productivity-killing hoops.
  • Replace costly servers, firewalls and backup systems with a simple, affordable cloud service.
  • Transform your documents from risky dead weight into a vibrant source of invaluable information and insights.

NetDocuments changes the game, with a solution that removes the barriers and transforms your documents into an unstoppable engine for collaboration, productivity and results—without limitations or restrictions.

Work Smarter with NetDocuments.