Sometimes You Need to Take a Different Journey

Making any change to your DMS is a journey but with NetDocuments you will end up at the right destination.

Join 41,000 other legal professionals who have elevated their firms to new heights by switching from our top competitor.

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The ability to invite our clients into a secure workspace on NetDocuments and work collaboratively on a document is huge step forward. That flexibility of working within the cloud environment — anywhere, any time and on any device — was key for us.

- Warrick McLean, CEO, Coleman Greig

Transitioning from one document management system to another can be quite a journey. But 41,000 legal professionals have taken a new direction from our top competition. Why?

Because we built our solution properly, the first time.

With NetDocument's true-cloud DMS, you only have to switch once. No more on-going, surprising upgrades. Have access to the most up-to-date, feature-rich technology with our true cloud solution. Improve performance, stability, and collaboration between legal offices.

NetDocuments will be there at every step of the way, to make the switch as painless as possible.

"Some firms had recommended a NetDocuments competitor for us, but as users we didn’t like the interface or the f act that it had been built for ‘on-prem’ and then was being shoehorned into a client service."

- Craig Thompson, partner and Head of Corporate at Forsters
“We are seeing more firms getting hit with data breaches than ever before. We also have to be mindful of compliance and the large fines imposed for non-compliance. No firm wants a compliance or data breach that could have been avoided.”

- Ann Cant, IT Director, Travers Smith

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