5 Benefits of Document Management and Practice Management Software

Debbie Foster
Sep 17, 2020

Everything you need to work on a matter, right at your fingertips. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Over 20 years ago, one of my first presentations to a group of lawyers was called “Sanity Software: Making the Case for Matter Management”. Fast forward to today, and the lawyers I meet that have the best handle on their matters, feel the most organized, and frankly, sleep better at night are using Matter Management Software. Clio Manage is the market leader when it comes to cloud-based matter management. But there is a way to level-up your organization even further.

How? Add document management software to the mix—it really is the perfect companion tool. Specifically, NetDocuments is the market leader when it comes to cloud-based document and email management software. When you put the two together, that is where the magic happens.

The Best Technology Supports Your Best Work

Leveraging technology to think differently about how work gets done comes with many rewards. If you embrace a culture of asking “is this the best way to accomplish this task?” or “is there a better way to get this work done?” whenever possible, your law firm will consistently increase efficiency. And, since the challenges of 2020 have led all of us to approach work in new ways, the value of cloud based products and services has certainly increased.

What Happens When Practice Management and Document Management Solutions are Integrated?

When you use industry-leading technology, everyone in your firm is set up for success and speed. Here are five key advantages your firm can enjoy when you integrate practice management and document management software.

  1. Find what you need quickly. I often ask my clients how much time they spend looking for things each day. It is not uncommon for people to tell me that at least 30 minutes a day is spent looking for documents. With NetDocuments search, you get the full power of Boolean searching, which can immensely cut down on the time spent locating documents.

    Think about how you have used your legal research tools over the years. What if you could use wildcards, AND/OR/NOT operators, criteria such as ‘within five words’ and quotes to find exactly what you are looking for in your document repository? And, if that is not enough, you can filter your searches by date, document type, client/matter, and author.

    Having the ability to leverage your document repository in this way eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel, prevents the wasted time searching, and encourages your team to contribute everything they create into NetDocuments.

  2. Create documents faster. Document templates make it possible to skip the re-work of document formatting or remembering where you saved a recent version, speeding up the creation process. When combined, practice management and document management software make it easy to leverage these templates to your advantage. For example, in Clio, you can set up templates to automatically pull matter information in, ensuring documents are created even more quickly, before saving final files in NetDocuments.

  3. Easy access to everything you need. Digital files in your practice management software take the place of paper files in so many ways–contact information, identifying the roles people play on a matter, calendar information, matter specific information, time and billing records, and so much more are included and easy to access.

    When you integrate your practice management and document management software, documents and emails related to the matter, for all users in your firm, are available with one click. You can see different versions, look at any security or permissions measures that have been applied, and view the documents sorted in various ways.

  4. Log time with a single click. When you integrate practice management and document management, logging time can be as easy as clicking a button. With the Clio and NetDocuments integration for example, the documents stored in NetDocuments are listed directly within your matter in Clio Manage—and a time entry for the work spent drafting, finalizing or reviewing a document is one click away.

    Since time capture is a common challenge in many firms, as seen again and again in Clio’s Legal Trends Report, this feature is one way to ensure that your timekeepers can efficiently log their hours to the matter.

  5. Confirming the source of truth. I talk about this a lot with our clients. If your documents are everywhere and you have multiple places you have to go to understand what is happening on a matter, you are wasting time and introducing a level of risk that is simply unnecessary.

    If your document repository is the single source of truth for any documents your firm has created, as well as every document your firm has received, you can, go to that single source and find what you need with confidence.

It Takes Commitment

This all sounds too good to be true, right? It takes commitment to leverage technology and to work until you find processes that propel your firm to success. It is not always easy to follow a well-designed process, but it is worth it every single time. If you are ready to take the next step in efficiently managing your matters and your documents, take some time to check out how the NetDocuments integration with Clio Manage can help your firm do just that.

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