Create One Compliance Boundary in the Digital Era: Maximize GDPR Compliance with NetDocuments

The NetDocuments Team
Apr 11, 2018

You need partners. In our previous post, we discussed our secure platform and how we comply with standards and our platform tools – read the previous post. Data protection is a NetDocuments core competency and we want to share tools to help you deliver One Compliance Boundary. This boundary is a critical foundation to enable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance in the digital-first world. NetDocuments’ platform compliance boundary is based on encryption, DLP, Entity Extraction and retention/security policies. This provides effective security by design and by default.

NetDocuments is a security platform that does document management.
-- CIO, large law

These four controls are available to your organization today. Our platform has more compliance certifications than any other content provider to the legal sector. The combination of the NetDocuments platform tools with our certifications delivers the One Compliance Boundary you need in a digital partner. See our GDPR Guide for Administrators.

We discussed before the primary GDPR objective is accountability. While much is written about the substantial financial or reputational risk of non-compliance many commentators note that encryption is a critical tool to avoid “name and shame,” impact on business credibility. We think our customers will face specific challenges related to Data Protection Impact Assessments or DPIA for any new application that processes data. We can help customers in a few areas:

  • Respond successfully to increased scrutiny in the form of audits and investigations. See our GDPR Guide for Administrators.
  • Address new data processing complexity. We expect customers using NetDocuments will be able to more easily implement operating guides to successfully meet the complex “right to be forgotten” requirements.
  • Contact us with your specific questions.

We expect customers to rely on NetDocuments’ encryption, immutable audit logs, content OCR, entity extraction, retention policies and DLP. Our compliance with regulatory requirements, together with the many ways our Service helps you achieve compliance as well, makes NetDocuments your best choice for a digital partner.

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