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Harnessing the Power of the New Digital Workspace Part 2 - ndMail and ndThread Demo

The NetDocuments Team
Apr 23, 2019

Vanessa Nguyen, Ryan Tanner, and Rick Riefke, solutions experts from NetDocuments, recently demonstrated the specific tools that can be leveraged to centralize the digital workspace to ultimately improve workplace productivity and team collaboration.

Listen in to the recording to hear the team give a demonstration of NetDocuments’ ndMail and ndThread:

  • ndMail is NetDocuments’ premiere predictive email filing solution that uses powerful, built-in AI, for one-click email management. NetDocuments, along with ndMail, provides busy professionals with a more automatic and efficient system for filing, storing and organizing emails.
  • ndThread’s award-winning collaboration technology brings together key activities – conversations, documents and more – into a unified, subject matter-based messaging solution. With the tool, users are able to reduce the amount of email they are sending and seamlessly collaborate on documents and emails from any device, anywhere in one secure location.

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