Hive for NetDocuments: Effortlessly Manage User Data and Increase Adoption

The NetDocuments Team
Feb 14, 2020

As companies increasingly look to secure their documents and communications in the NetDocuments platform, IT and Operations teams may be looking for solutions to monitor and navigate their centralized data at scale.

VerQu, a prominent NetDocuments partner, recently hosted U.S. and UK webinars that walked viewers through their Hive platform: a solution built for technical administrators to get insights required to manage their data at scale.

Below are a few of the many tools Hive offers:

Hive Help Desk Admin

Hive’s Help Desk Admin tool simplifies administrative functions so even non-technical users can easily manage user access, group members, force check-in documents, and more.

This is especially useful for firms who are outsourcing their IT needs by allowing their third-party service providers to make changes quickly without the ability to access sensitive documents.

Hive Security

Firms must protect their data not only from outside threats, but internal ones as well. Hive Security offers a visual way to see which documents users have access to, whether or not they should have access to them, and monitor behaviors for suspicious actions (such as suddenly downloading hundreds of files).

Hive Analytics

Hive Analytics offers three views: General, Security, and User/Group. Each view provides a variety of data points regarding content stored in NetDocuments, how it’s being used, and who has access to it – both internally and externally.

For an in-depth look at the power of VerQu’s Hive and how it can help improve your security and user adoption, watch the on-demand webinar, Hive for NetDocuments today.

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