How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2020

The NetDocuments Team
Nov 14, 2019


It’s no secret that attorneys love paper. It’s also no secret that paper requires extra time to file, store, and search for items that digital documents don’t.

So what’s holding firms back from making the switch to a paperless office giving time back to their attorneys? That’s exactly what CPO of  NetDocuments, Dan Hauck, and CEO of Rocket Matter, Larry Port, will be exploring in their upcoming webinar, How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2020, on November 21st at 2pm ET.

Join us for this webinar and you’ll dive deep into:

  • The steps required to create a paperless environment
  • Practical tips on paperless naming conventions and the ideal way to store documents
  • Discover the best tools to support your paperless journey
  • How to manage your complete digital workspace
  • Ways to simplify your information security and data governance issues

Register for the webinar today so you don’t miss your chance to take your office’s efficiency to the next level in 2020.

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