Information Security in an Insecure World

The NetDocuments Team
Apr 9, 2019

Information is the oxygen of modern business: it must be trusted, safe and free-flowing. Today companies must have networks that are simultaneously secure and porous to engage business partners and embed services in client organizations.

Industry security and compliance experts discussed how to amplify secure information flow and identify the controls that are needed to dampen threats that are inevitable in today’s connected world.

Watch the webinar and you'll learn:

  • The top five controls that dampen the transmission risk of cyber threats
  • The practical steps organizations can take to protect information
  • Predictions of cyber threats that could occur in the next 18 months

In addition, J. Mark Hendrick, Chief Information Officer from Bradley, discussed the practical applications of leveraging the NetDocuments platform to improve cyber security practices and governance controls at every level in the organization.

Once you've listened in, click here to speak with on of our representatives about how you can duplicate Bradley's strategy at your organization.

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