NetDocuments Charts Course of Unlimited Possibilities with Safe, Ready and Proven Platform

The NetDocuments Team
Jan 28, 2019

"Selecting a technology vendor that can deploy and build secure, future-proof solutions is a key element of growth for today’s firms and corporate legal departments," said Alvin Tedjamulia, NetDocuments’ CTO, at Legalweek New York.

As a pioneer in cloud-based legal technology, NetDocuments has spent two decades providing its customers with the safe, ready and proven solutions necessary to manage, collaborate and share content in one secure location.

In 2018, 54 percent of NetDocuments’ new users made the switch from solutions offered by iManage, Worldox and OpenText to the company’s comprehensive platform of document management, email management and collaboration solutions.

Cloud Platform of the Future

Tedjamulia attributes the shift to the ‘unlimited possibilities’ of the NetDocuments platform.

Over the last twenty years, we have been building our safe, ready and proven platform to help customers exceed their growth goals and innovation potential. Customers are able to integrate our existing tools into their current technology stack, or tap into the extensive directory of nearly 100 apps developed by our technology partners, to design the solutions that are specific to their business needs.
- Alvin Tedjamulia, NetDocuments’ CTO

Since Legalweek 2018, the NetDocuments platform has evolved in many ways, including:

"The new integrations, acquisitions, security enhancements, transparency protocols and product innovations are making it possible for firms to save, manage and govern their electronic matter documents exclusively within the NetDocuments platform," said Tedjamulia. "The legal industry is taking notice."

The NetDocuments platform continues to add, on average, 2.1 new customers per day with a lifetime customer retention rate of 98.5 percent.

To learn more about why legal teams are making the switch and sticking with the NetDocuments platform, visit us during Legalweek/Legaltech at booth 506. Or, click here to schedule a specific time to connect for a demo.

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