Making Tech Matter: A Closer Look at NetDocuments SetBuilder

The NetDocuments Team
May 24, 2019

NetDocuments recently announced its launch of SetBuilder, an easy way for users to combine and organize sets of documents in one location entirely within the secure NetDocuments infrastructure.

In this webinar, NetDocuments’ product team takes you in for a closer look at how the  SetBuilder  technology works and the specific use cases for compliance, legal and HR teams. 

Originally developed at Chapman and Cutler to coordinate closings, automate manual closing binder processes and drastically accelerate the time-consuming and manual closing process, NetDocuments sees  SetBuilder  solving these challenges, and many others, for organizations across the globe.

In this  webinar, Mark and Dan showcase:

  • The use cases for  SetBuilder  and how it can solve productivity challenges for compliance, legal and HR departments at every organization.
  • A demonstration of the new technology and its integration with the NetDocuments platform.
  • How Chapman and Cutler was able to leverage the technology for savings up to $1500 in hard costs per transaction.

Ready to find out how to use SetBuilder to save your organization money, too? Listen to Making Tech Matter: A Closer Look at NetDocuments SetBuilder and then speak with our team about how it can be implemented in your organization.

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