Webinar Recording: Harnessing the Power of the New Digital Workspace

The NetDocuments Team
Mar 12, 2019

The global workforce is evolving at an exponential rate - associates and clients are always on the go, work environments are increasingly more remote, and everyone is relying on their cell phones and email to stay connected.

NetDocuments’ Vice President of Product and User Experience Dan Hauck recently gave a webinar exploring the best practices and technology tools that are available to centralize your work space and help your organization improve productivity.

Listen to the recording and you'll learn:

  • The benefits of working in secure, digital workspaces and how legal teams can leverage them to more efficiently organize and manage matter information
  • An overview of the comprehensive, integrated suite of product solutions available to improve work place mobility and accessibility for sharing and collaborating on content with internal and external audiences
  • Specific digital transformation strategies employed by firms across the globe

Once you've listened, click here to chat with one of our experts to discuss how you can leverage our secure, digital workspaces to improve efficiencies at your firm.

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