Why Do You Need an Email Management System?: How Attorneys Can Take Control of Their Inbox Part 2

The NetDocuments Team
Mar 3, 2020

In part one of the three-part series, we discussed what email management systems (EMS) are and common core features. Now it’s time to dive into more details about how legal teams will benefit from using an EMS.

In addition to attorneys having to answer and follow up on emails, legal professionals have ethical obligations to file, save, and store digital communications within matter-based files. These extra steps require more time spent away from critical tasks and production.

EMS created for legal professionals are built to help file and organize communications faster so attorneys can focus on serving their clients. With that in mind, law firm email management systems provide two main benefits: enhanced organization and maximized productivity.

Enhanced Organization

For attorneys, document organization is critical as sensitive information is shared dozens of times daily. Potentially losing track of an email that contains highly confidential, or even time-sensitive material, could place the business at risk.

EMS created with legal professionals in mind enable even the busiest employees to fully comply with standardized record-keeping policies and ethical obligations. Imagine being able to quickly file each communication and attached document directly into a client or project’s secure matter file without ever leaving the email system—that’s entirely possible when utilizing a robust EMS which integrates directly with a document management system (DMS).

As emails are filed directly into the matter or project file, attorneys and their firms or companies will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of information handling errors
  • Decreased instances of lost or mislabeled information
  • Complete matter or project files in accordance with ethical guidelines
  • Deeper collaboration among teams as work is easily located and shared

Maximized Productivity

Of course, improved organization alone will certainly provide a boost to any organization’s productivity, but an EMS built for legal professionals can provide so much more. Through features such as anywhere access and artificial intelligence legal teams will have the tools they need to dramatically increase their output.

Anywhere Access

Cloud-based EMS, such as ndMail by NetDocuments, enable attorneys to file emails anywhere on any device. This means that whether they are in the car, the courtroom, or working from home attorneys will be able to fully complete their work, leaving nothing undone.

Artificial Intelligence

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), users can often file emails in one, or even zero, clicks when using an EMS directly within their email system. This means attorneys can stay focused on their tasks at hand and avoid switching between multiple systems, interrupting their concentration.

Finding an EMS That Fits Your Needs

Once you’ve identified you want to move forward with getting the right EMS, how do you know which one to choose? Learn more about this in the third part of the email management system series, coming out next week. In the meantime, download the new Definitive Guide to Email Management for a comprehensive look into email management systems, their benefits, and tips for implementation.

Ready to experience the benefits of email management? Schedule a demo of ndMail to get a peek at how it can help your team become an organized, highly productive legal engine today.

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