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“Your Documents, Our Passion”

The NetDocuments Team
Oct 29, 2015

As the Chief Customer Officer at NetDocuments, I am posting this article and future articles to provide you additional information about the NetDocuments Service, company, and product directions. I will include ideas to improve your usage of the Service to help you maximize the benefits of NetDocuments for you and your organization.  You, as the customer, and we as the provider of NetDocuments live with the Service on a daily basis and we have the common goal of making it the best tool available to you.

The following phrase best describes our relationship – "Your documents, Our passion."  We are dedicated to that perspective and adhere to it whether it be helping you maximize the usage of the Service or providing the best security possible for your documents. They are your critical work product and you deserve to have the utmost attention and passion given to them by us in every way.

We strive not to be just one of your vendors. We strive to be your partner. One that is integral to your success as you use the Service. Our goal is to solidify and build the relationship every day because you benefit from and rely on your valuable work product constantly in this 24x7 world. We are passionate about continually improving the service and providing the best security and productivity tools possible so you can get more done with your documents and email.

We are constantly making improvements to every aspect of the Service and the underlying infrastructure is becoming more secure with each Update. The feature set is growing based on direct input from you, and the Support Community is growing and being improved on a regular basis. We are committed to deliver a Service that lets you decide how you want to work with your documents and email and we are there to help facilitate that.

A recent Add-in called ndOffice™ is now becoming mainstream. It provides the means to let you seamlessly work with NetDocuments in your familiar Office environment, keeping you in the application for all the major functions of the DMS. Our search technology will be made even better early next year as we introduce ndSearch™, which is a new search engine providing you with a much more robust searching experience. We are expanding our global reach as well as solidifying our overall security, including incorporating the most secure datacenter in the world as part of that infrastructure. It is not just excellence in management, but an infrastructure designed specifically to securely manage "your documents and email" with us supplying "our passion".

Thank you for joining us on this path of excellence and innovation in providing modern document and email management with a passion.

Thank you,

Lee A. Duncan

NetDocuments Chief Customer Officer