Continuing the Platinum Standard: Elevate 2019

“You’ve known NetDocuments as the place where you manage documents. But it’s so much more than that. NetDocuments is where you do work.”

This was how Josh Baxter, CEO of NetDocuments, opened the second-annual Elevate: NetDocuments’ yearly event for customers and partners alike. This year boasted insightful sessions on the changing world of legal, empowering women in tech, and the unveiling of a slew of new solutions to help attorneys work more efficiently.

Elevate 2019 Product Announcements 

With the legal market changing to demand more output, attorneys are under pressure to deliver quality work faster than ever before. In order to accomplish this, they require tools that take care of the day-to-day administrative tasks so they can focus on items that move the needle.


CollabSpaces, which officially launches October 15th, provides attorneys with a secure option to share files with outside collaborators. All files within a CollabSpace are encrypted using the same industry-leading security as data on the rest of the platform and managed according to the policies set by administrators at the Workspace level.

ndMail for Office 365 Add-in

Email just got smarter with the new ndMail for Office 365 Add-in. Available now, attorneys can run ndMail on any system, browser, or device including Mac. This means no matter where attorneys are working from, they can quickly file emails in the correct matters

Performance Improvements  

True to founder & CTO Alvin Tedjamulia’s assertion that “NetDocuments is the platinum standard,” NetDocuments’ Director of Document Management Services, Valerie Connell, announced a series of performance improvements that will be taking place in the next year. These improvements are specifically targeted around speed and ease of use.

Session Highlights

This year, Elevate was packed with sessions that explained, in-depth, future products and provided tactical insight into using the NetDocuments platform effectively. Among the most impactful sessions were the Business of Law: Now to Next on Monday, Oct 7; and The Power of Developing Women in Tech on Tuesday, Oct 8.

The Business of Law: Now to Next

Hosted by Peter Buck, VP of Product Strategy for NetDocuments, the panel featured Jose Paulo Graciotti, author of Strategic Governance for Law Firms; Ken Kroeger, CIO of Kutak Rock LLP; David Craig, Managing Director of HBR Consulting; and, Mike Ferrara, Director of Duff & Phelps. Exploring the changing landscape of law and how firms can keep up with trends, the panel dived into:

  • How firms can stay ahead of the competition
  • Ways to jumpstart innovation in your firm
  • What really leads to technology adoption

Quote by Ken Kroeger from Kutak Rock, LLP - Innovation doesn't happen by chance. It happens by change.

Quote by Jose Paulo Graciotti, Author - The firms that are the most responsive to change will be the ones that survive this productivity pivot.

Quote by David Craig from HBR Consulting - Behavioral changes are necessary to the adoption of technology. Who is holding your teams accountable?

The Power of Developing Women in Tech

Welcoming panelists Claudia Reese, Director of HR for NetDocuments; Caroline Hill, Editor-in-Chief for Legal IT Insider; Teka Pope, Sr. Manager of Legal Knowledge Services, The Walt Disney Company; Tanya Garig, Director Risk Management Information Services, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman; and Valeria Connell, Director of Document Management Services, NetDocuments, the panel explored a variety of themes including:

  • Engaging and championing young women to excel and stay in STEM
  • Importance of mentors and sponsors for women and the difference between the two
  • The intentionality of women owning their career and “stepping up”
  • The need for inclusion at organizations, not just diversity


Quote by Joy Heath Rush, CEO at ILTA - Women have to say, "Don't assume I'm not interested in this role just because you see me in a more traditional one."

Quote from Caroline Hill from Legal IT Insider - We want women to step up. It takes courage and it's harder, but you have to be brave enough to have honest conversations.

Quote from Teka Pope from NetDocuments - I try to foster a culture of growth rather than a culture of expertise. Such that it's not a culture of preaching to one another, it's much more open, and I actively call on those that don't speak up.

Quote by Tanya Garig from Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman - I'll be the one to quiet the men so that there's room for women to speak up. We need to make it a point to stop people from stepping over each other and take over that leadership role.

Quote by Valeria Connell from NetDocuments - Instead of sponsors just opening the door for minorities and women, they need to open the door and say 'Walk the path with me'.

Quote by Claudia Reese from NetDocuments - Diversity comes down to more than just physical differences. It's really about diversity in thought.

Customer Zero Award

This year NetDocuments introduced the Customer Zero Award, an award given to those customers that expand, or even overturn our product expectations. They represent passionate commitment and high adoption around NetDocuments.

The inaugural recipient was NetDocuments’ first-ever customer, Smith Hartvigsen. Founder and partner, David Hartvigsen, attended Elevate to accept the award.



Networking Events

Band playing at the after party networking event

Networking at Elevate 2019

Another shot of the band playing

People dancing to the live music

Picture of the entire room with the live band in the background

It could never be a true Elevate without a little celebration and networking! This year’s party was one to remember with a gourmet buffet, drinks, and live entertainment from local band, Uptown Sound.

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

We definitely couldn’t have put on this event without our sponsors! This year especially, we’d like to thank our Platinum Sponsor, eSentio, as well as our Executive Sponsors, Mercanix and VerQu.

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