Data Loss Prevention by NetDocuments

Additional protection for your sensitive information

Are your internal security measures enough to keep files safe from malicious employees or basic human error? Data loss prevention (DLP) by NetDocuments makes it simple.

Apply policies to protect your information at the cabinet, attribute and document levels. The DLP engine checks the policies and can override the cabinet-level defaults in favor of attribute or individual level document policies, improving the way you secure information to prevent it's deliberate or accidental leakage.

Easily manage document access.

You’re managing thousands to millions of documents, which means you require a simple way to restrict the actions that those authorized to access them can take. DLP by NetDocuments provides a straightforward and flexible system to enhance information protection.

Maximize information security.

Securing documents based on access rights isn’t always enough. With DLP by NetDocuments, you can improve your information security by ensuring sensitive information in your NetDocuments repository is protected from misuse.

Prevent mistakes and malicious acts at their source.

DLP protects your NetDocuments files from human error and disgruntled employees alike. When enabled, DLP prevents documents in your NetDocuments repository from being shared and emailed.

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