The Future of Legal Technology Q&A with Neil Davison of Farrer & Co

Five firms sat down in the UK to discuss the future of legal document management. This CIO roundtable event was then summarized and written up in a nice whitepaper available HERE. In addition to the whitepaper write-up, we sat down with Neil Davison, the IT Director at Farrer & Co to discuss NetDocuments and the legal technology landscape. Here is the Q&A with Neil... We came to the realization that to move forward as a business our current system wasn't cutting it. We needed a single repository, an e-file type product that could contain everything and support our way of working. We wanted to move forward and have a more intuitive product that people could work with.

One More Step to a Paperless Office: NetDocuments and Fujitsu make Scanning Even Easier

One More Step to a Paperless Office: NetDocuments and Fujitsu make Scanning Even Easier

Fujitsu's ScanSnap now allows for direct scanning into the NetDocuments repository. Through the ScanSnap Manager, you will be routed to NetDocuments and prompted to profile the document into a folder or a workspace. This integration is compatible with both wired and wireless ScanSnap scanners. See what Craig Bayer, NetDocuments certified channel partner, has to say about it here:

Leading Tennessee-based Law Firm, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP, Selects NetDocuments to Continue Modernizing Technology Efforts

Press Release Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP has selected NetDocuments for their document management system as efforts to modernize technology have emerged as a top priority for firm. Waller, one of Tennessee's oldest and most established law firms, has selected NetDocuments to replace its existing document management system. Modernizing technology continues to be a priority for Waller, and NetDocuments allows the firm to take its document management to the cloud, simplifying the firm's complex requirements of security, collaboration and mobility.

Proactively Preventing Data Breaches in 3 Simple Steps

Proactively Preventing Data Breaches in 3 Simple Steps

Law firms have a heightened need of security given the sensitive nature of matters that they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Added to this heightened security is the increasing number of breaches that have occurred in law firms recently. In fact, the FBI's New York office called a meeting in 2011 with the top New York City law firms to address the rising number of attacks in the industry and why it should be a priority to safeguard client data. Law firms are obvious targets for hackers, and the fact that some firms have not utilized current technology to avoid intrusion is alarming and should be noted.

EIM International Joins NetDocuments’ Channel Partner Program

Original Release We've announced a partnership with EIM International, a leading provider of knowledge and content management solutions. This technology partnership will extend NetDocuments' sales and implementation efforts, combining NetDocuments' power and simplicity with the experience and resources of EIM International. NetDocuments just announced this week a $25M capital investment to rapidly build on a successful strategy to increase market share in the legal industry, and building relationships with key legal technology partners such as EIM will aid NetDocuments in capturing market share and increasing adoption rates.

Top 5 Reasons Law Firms are Switching to the Cloud

When the vision of delivering documents via the Internet was born, the term cloud was nowhere to be found. We're talking about 15 years ago when the founders of SoftSolutions had sold the company to Wordperfect/Novell and turned right around to once again revolutionize the way law firms worked with their documents, founding NetDocuments in 1999. Over the course of the next 15 years, the NetDocuments service evolved and matured, waiting for the legal market to accept specialized cloud-based solutions for managing documents and emails. As fears and misconceptions about the cloud began to diminish, we saw the beginning of a mass exodus of firms moving off of traditional, on-premise systems and legacy providers, opting for a modern, user-friendly, and an inherently mobile service. The movement to the cloud is in full force and now happening across firms of all sizes, including the global and Am Law 100s.

Knowledge Management. It's too Important to Be Left in the Dark

The flood of information, the velocity it travels, and the increasing number of channels it comes through is enough to make anyone's head spin. … and that's just one person. Multiply that across all the individuals within a firm and you've got yourself a real problem. This is where a solid knowledge management (KM) strategy can help, that is, once you know what knowledge management means for your firm.

Win the Battle Before it Begins: Best Practices for Rolling out Technology at Your Firm

Implementing technology and engaging in a change management project is no easy feat. Especially when you're dealing with a mission critical application like cloud-based document and email management or online file storage for your digital assets. Robin Weiss, Director of Client Services at Koley Jessen, knew this was the case, and put some best practices for implementing technology to work as they deployed NetDocuments across the firm. We've taken Robin's case study and combined it with five things that we've learned over the years deploying online document management over the last decade and a half. The results are in the free whitepaper below. You'll learn gain some valuable insights so you can be the hero rolling out technology at your firm. Happy implementing!

ILTA 2014 - The Modern DMS Hits the Main Stage

ILTA, Nashville, TN It was an exciting week at ILTA. The association and event team did a fantastic job! Whether it was panelists, partners, or our executive briefing sessions, there was certainly a lot of buzz on the topic of modern document management to achieve usability, security, and true mobility for the DMS. And it's no longer just the cloud that's pushing the hot button for the future of DMS. Legacy, on-premise, document management systems are struggling to adapt their business model and technology to the cloud, but firms are realizing the inherent benefits of a true SaaS model for cloud delivery that is mature, proven and includes the modern feature set that 10% of the Am Law 100 are now leveraging.

NetDocuments Names New CEO on the Heels of $25 Million Investment

Original release Salt Lake City, Utah – August 5, 2014 – NetDocuments, the leader in cloud-based document and email management, has appointed Matt Duncan as its new chief executive officer. NetDocuments recently announced a $25M investment from Frontier Capital to capture market share in the legal technology industry, and Mr. Duncan has been chosen to lead the company in its future growth efforts. Mr. Duncan has been with NetDocuments for over 10 years, serving in a variety of positions including sales, management, and business development, most recently, serving as the General Manager for the UK/EMEA region. As the General Manager, he was able to establish regional datacenters and implementation teams in the United Kingdom, further expanding NetDocuments' international efforts.