A Yellow Brick Road leading to the cloud...

"Everything we do, we do differently than we did 18 months ago. We've reengineered the entire firm to change the client experience," said John Ohmer, CEO of YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors. "It's made portfolio reporting and financial advising completely different than anything we've ever experienced."

What John and his team did was to go boldly to a place where they had not gone before...that place is called the cloud.

They started with Salesforce CRM and continued with NetDocuments: "We kept our documents on a shared drive on our server but we felt strategically that we wanted to have our document solution hosted in the sky and we needed it to be SEC compliant and integrated with Salesforce," John said.

Re-engineering a firm to improve the client experience not always easy, but YellowBrickRoad made it look easy. Read their case study to get the entire story.


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