Email Management

NetDocuments email management includes built-in options to the core NetDocuments service, as well as advanced add-on functionality for predictive filing. Regardless of the tool you choose, all are designed to intelligently save, file, and manage email through seamless integrations with Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices.

Through drag and drop, profile tagging, or predictive filing directly to Outlook folders, email is securely sent and saved to specific matter, client, or project-centric workspaces and folders in NetDocuments, organizing documents, email, attachments, and other content into a single location.

Key Features of NetDocuments Email Management Solutions

  • Drag and Drop

    Your NetDocuments folder structure is automatically mirrored in Outlook, so you can drag and drop emails to easily sync them directly to NetDocuments.

  • Predictive Tagging

    Predictive metadata tagging based on previous client, matter, or project selections

  • Searching

    Email-specific search

  • Recent Email Tracking

    "My Email" list of recently sent or received emails

  • Mobile Access

    Mobile access for filing and viewing on mobile devices or with Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • Native File Types

    Messages are kept in native .msg files

  • MAPI-compliant

    Integrated MAPI-compliant email system for outgoing emails initiated within NetDocuments

  • Auto-prompt

    Auto-prompt to file outgoing messages

Drag and Drop to Outlook Folders

File emails to NetDocuments by clicking and dragging to automatically created folders in Outlook.

Simply drag and drop email to native Outlook folders, created automatically by NetDocuments and mirroring the organization of folders created in NetDocuments. As standard Outlook folders, they are accessible from any mobile device or Outlook Web Access (OWA). Behind the scenes, the messages are filed in NetDocuments in the corresponding folder, and auto-profiled/tagged in the native Outlook .msg format. Attachments can be "stubbed" or replaced with a link to the original email, and duplicate email filed will be recognized resulting in a single, physical file being stored in NetDocuments, yet hyperlinked across the various folders the users filed the same email.

Tagging Within Outlook

File emails with client, matter, or project tagging... even for outgoing messages.

Not a fan of drag and drop? Filing can also be done without Outlook folders. The integration displays profiling/metadata fields on the Outlook menu from which a pre-defined list of your clients, matters or projects can be selected. Taking it even further, it will even populate the client name, matter, or project, based on NetDocuments intelligently remembering previous email to or from a particular sender.

Next Generation Predictive Email Management

Through the acquisition of Decisiv Email from Recommind, NetDocuments now offers a next generation advanced predictive email management solution as an optional add-on service to NetDocuments document management platform.

  • Predictive One Click Filing – NetDocuments predictive email management allows for robust predictive filing based on key criteria such as To, From, Cc, Subject, contents, etc. Predicted locations are visually ranked, indicating probability and enabling filing to the correct location with just one click or enable automatic filing criteria.
  • De-duplication – Ensure that only a single copy of the email is filed regardless of how many people received and attempted to file the message.

  • Folder Mapping – Select folders in Outlook and map to the document management system. Email filed to mapped folders will be sent to NetDocuments, further enhancing the speed and level of knowledge transfer and collaboration.
  • Global filing indicator – Email is visually tagged in Outlook for all internal recipients to see in their own mailboxes, indicating whether or not it has been filed, regardless of who in the firm filed it.