4 Tips to a Healthier Technology Footprint

April 22, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

Staying healthy requires conscious effort, a plan, consistency, and every now and again, a re-evaluation may be needed to be sure you're recalibrating where necessary. Go easy on yourself, nutrition and fitness perfection isn't possible, but progress is. The basic principles for health and wellness can be applied to many areas of life and business. How about the technology health at your firm? Here are a few tips to get back on track and redefine your regimen.

Make a fearless inventory of what technology you consume on a daily basis: As a business professional, your goal is to increase efficiency, service your clients, and create value. It's possible that you may not have the best tools out there to do that. Or maybe you have too many tools – you'll never know until you take a look at what you and everyone else at the firm is using to get their job done.

Beware of the fad: Just as in new diets or wellness programs, new technology needs to be evaluated before the investment of time and resources. There is a fine line between early adoption of a breakthrough technology, and simply exhausting efforts setting something up and learning how to use it, only to find the value isn't delivered.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should: Too many times we see a technology appetite that attempts to leverage and use every single aspect of the tech. This techno-bloat will bog down your practice, overcomplicating the work process and the quality of your client interactions.

Power in simplicity: Often the most powerful solutions are the simplest. Don't be mistaken, a simple and powerful technology is much harder to achieve than packing every feature, knob, and widget into something. This applies to your technology fitness plan – it should have thought and strategy behind it, but be concise. Resist the urge to overcomplicate.