A Power-Packed Team For Your Financial Services Practice

November 25, 2012
Salt Lake City, UT

We talk to a lot of financial services firms every day, and one thing that consistently comes up is the pain and difficulty navigating, balancing, connecting, and integrating the technology dots for at an advisor's practice. The must-haves vs. the nice-to-haves often discourages advisors, since most are not technologists and their local IT company they're using to service their computers doesn't really understand the financial services space.

Over the 12+ years of doing business, we've met a lot of great people and companies – far too many to start naming, but we do want to point out a group of highly specialized individuals, focused on educating and helping financial services companies streamline their technology and improve their practice by shining some needed light on the technology labyrinth that plagues many practices.

Virtual Solutions for Advisors (VSFA) was founded by Jennifer Goldman, Naomi Scrivener, and Caleb Brown, all of whom have many years working in the financial services industry. They too heard the same perplexing questions from advisors relating to technology, strategy, planning, and business operations – only they decided to do something about it. Today VSFA has grown to be a solid resource for financial services firms of all sizes, regardless of their tech or business problem. VSFA not only brings the technology to one place, organized in coherent groups, but combines those technology options with the people who know how to put all the pieces together. So whether you're wondering about a CRM tool, thinking about a virtual assistant, needing a website overhaul, or wondering how to navigate the SEC compliance regulations, VSFA likely has a solution and someone who can help.

In addition to frequently posting blogs and resources on their website, you can find answers to questions on their LinkedIn Group here.

Technology is quickly becoming a central piece of a firm's overall business strategy, and is often used as the competitive advantage for a practice. The right technology can increase productivity, lower costs, and ultimately improve the client's experience. However, if the technology is not properly implemented and integrated where possible, the result is a clunky cobweb of tech that takes more time and money to keep running. Leave the tech to the technologists, so you can get back to servicing your clients.