ALA Regional Events Recap

October 21, 2012
Salt Lake City, UT
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As a Senior Account Manager here at NetDocuments, I am used to traveling. It seems like every other week I am on a flight to visit a prospect, representing NetDocuments at an event, etc. The last few weeks have been no different, but this time I had the pleasure of representing NetDocuments at the ALA Regions 4, 5 & 6 events. These ALA regional events have become one of my favorite events that NetDocuments sponsors. There are lots of reasons to love these shows, such as the small table top displays (makes shipping/set-up a breeze), the fantastic locations (Disneyland anyone?) and the great leads that we always get. However, it is the ALA members that really make it special. Most of the ALA members that attend these events are office managers, human resource managers, and even a few IT directors. Almost everybody I talked to was incredibly energetic, extremely nice, and very tech savvy. As a vendor, it is so refreshing to talk with someone who understands the value of a document management service and knows how to successfully get it implemented in their firm.

Another core reason these events are so successful, is due to our fantastic current customers who come by to say hello. They are incredible advocates of the service and many of them actually stood by the table with me and would offer on-the-spot testimonials to prospective firms stopping by. I can't even count how many times I would be doing a demo and an existing customer would come up and say to the prospect, "By the way, we use NetDocuments and ABSOLUTELY love it." NetDocuments' customers are truly the best kind of customers you can have, and the ones I meet at the ALA events are particularly passionate about the value an online document management service delivers to the entire firm.

Only a few years ago it seemed like "the cloud" was such a foreign concept to many of the attendees. However, this year almost everybody I talked to had a very firm understanding of "cloud computing" and recognized NetDocuments as the absolute leader in the cloud-based document management space. It was extremely nice to get this recognition considering we have been offering cloud services since the early 2000's! I think the legal world is finally starting to understand that "the cloud", or more specifically Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is truly the direction technology is heading, and there is no better partner to help them navigate this new world than NetDocuments, who pioneered it in the first place.

For now my ALA regional events have finished up and I have handed things over to my associate Keith Schneider who will attend the east coast events. However, I really can't wait until next year when I can visit these fantastic shows again. Thank you ALA!

This post was written by Marc Duncan, Senior Account Manager at NetDocuments, and can be reached at:

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