Another Server Bites the Dust

December 8, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

Is it game over for server-based document management?

That was the headline in the latest edition of the American Legal Technology Insider Newsletter.

In his newsletter discussing the issue, Charles Christian pointed out recent developments in the traditionally conservative legal market as a signal that the dog days of server farms and boxed software are all but over.

"Are the days of traditional document management systems and traditional DMS vendors coming to a close? For example, over the last two months the cloud-based document management specialists NetDocuments have signed up eight new (legal) user sites, (six law firms and two offices of general counsel) and while some of the smaller sites are new to the concept of a dedicated DMS, the latest wins also include Open Text swap outs at Van Cott Bagley Cornwall & McCarthy in Salt Lake City and Lynn Tillotson Pinkler & Cox LLP in Dallas."

At NetDocuments, we have experience in server-based document management as our founders started SoftSolutions in the late 80s. Though the legacy model has served the business community well over the past 30 years delivering an enormous amount of innovation and developments, like the Seattle SuperSonics, Simon Cowell's feedback, and my holiday mustache, all good things must come to an end.

The way consumers use technology has fundamentally changed over the past decade making them more social, mobile and empowered. Though businesses are behind the consumer, if the the legal market is any type of lagging indicator, businesses are catching up and doing it quickly.