"Anywhere IT Environment"

April 14, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

I recently read an article on how CIOs of SMBs can cut 50-80 percent of their communication costs, e.g. messaging, phone services, etc., by moving to an Anywhere IT environment.

Using Yankee Group as a model SMB, CTO Jeffrey Breen and Vice President Steve Hilton uncovered more than $150,000 of annual savings opportunities. The new series of reports, "CIO's Guide to Cost Cutting" advise that SMBs:

Move to the cloud: Moving from traditional Lotus or Microsoft premises-based e-mail application to a cloud-based messaging solution will save a staggering 83 percent (about $64,000) in the first year. During a three-year period, the savings amounts to 88 percent and can total more than $200,000.
Stop reimbursing individual-liable cell phone bills: With corporate wireless phone plans, SMBs stand to save $96,000, or 47 percent in the first year by replacing unwieldy individual-liable plans with a single new corporate liable plan.

NetDocuments commentary is that our experience states this all makes sense and its wonderful that more and more people and organizations are experiencing the values of anywhere, anytime access to their work, whether its email, documents, CRM, and any application and business workflow process for that matter.

Take Ashe Lockhart for example. A successful business attorney based in Charlotte, NC, who has all the benefits of a document management service that he was accustomed to in a large firm at the fraction of the cost. Watch his video testimonial: youtube.com/watch?v=ESbQq44kUCo.

Let us know your experiences about turning to the cloud. We'd love to hear your story.