Bridge the Client Gap with Secure Collaboration

December 8, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

What does true collaboration entail? What are the time saving features that allow your firms productivity to flow smoothly? The most valuable piece of your work day that collaboration addresses is your time. True collaboration is an open tunnel of communication between you and your clients that is easily accessible, yet secure and confidential. When these channels are free flowing, time is on your side, and workflow processes increase dramatically. The collaboration and communication between you and your clients is vital to your business, so "back-and-forth" exchanges need to be seamless and accessible.

Some undefined consequences of not collaborating seem obvious, but can be damaging to the firm and to your clients. These consequences can include errors in paperwork, delays in important deadlines, and disagreement between parties, to name just a few. Luckily, employing technology in your office that eliminates the risk of these unwanted consequences is available. These collaboration tools should be secure, but should also allow for two-way exchanges in real time that are highly accessible. This way, you can ensure that vital client correspondence is being received and reviewed, and subsequently, response times are decreased significantly. Listed below are three ways to improve collaboration in your firm:

  1. Create a dedicated portal for clients: When it comes to sharing pertinent case information, a secure environment for your clients to log into is an important part of true collaboration. This portal should include seamless two-way communication capabilities, as well as security measures that will not compromise information.
  2. Make sure shared documents are available at any time: In our evolving tech world of "always on, always available," it is important that data be accessible on a true cloud-based application that is available on any device at anytime, anywhere in the world. Your clients will expect your processes to be up-to-date, including the technology you employ to collaborate intelligently with them.
  3. Be responsive and accurate: Since your data is now on a secure portal, available anytime, your clients will expect short response times, and that will be easier to practice when you can receive real-time updates on client activity, including document review and signed agreements. Smart technology will allow you to stay up-to-speed on all client activity, allowing you to become more responsive than ever.

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