The Cloud - Where Experience and Trust Truly Matter

April 19, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

The global legal market is going through a period of transformation, with a backdrop of escalating cyber security threats and new, broad reaching, regulations such as GDPR. To support this change in an increasingly complex environment, firms are implementing new technologies together with strategies such as cloud-first and a pessimistic security model. Risk is often associated with change and it is no different for the naturally risk averse legal professional.

Change however can also bring significant benefits if the risk is mitigated by defining the right strategy. When looking for technology vendors to assist with these strategies, reputation and lineage are important but specific experience with technologies such as a native cloud platform are more critical to your firm's success. Due diligence is key when trusting a cloud vendor with sensitive firm content. A vendor you can truly trust, will reduce risk and facilitate change that is positive to your firm and your clients. There are several important items you have to consider before placing your trust in a new partner.

How many law firms are utilizing the technology, deployed in the way it will be at your firm?

  • NetDocuments' single global service is used today by over 2,000 legal and professional services firms and corporations

How long has the vendor been deploying cloud solutions at scale?

  • NetDocuments has over a decade and a half delivering its purpose-built cloud-based application

Is the entire technology stack, including all software, architected from the ground up to be deployed as a single instance cloud application globally?

  • Born on the web, the NetDocuments platform leverages only the latest cloud-first technology and integrations. There is a single version of the service globally with multiple forms of redundancy that provide incredible performance, reliability, and true enterprise-level security and compliance

Is the solution natively integrated with Microsoft cloud technologies?

  • Microsoft recognizes NetDocuments as a 'cloud native, cloud-first' service. It has supported tightly aligned integrations across Microsoft applications, including: Office 365, Flow, Microsoft iOS apps, and Azure. These integrations are made possible through Microsoft’s Cloud Provider Program and not available with on-premises or hosted on-premises DMS technology

Are all of the vendor’s resources and customer support focused on a cloud software delivery model?

  • NetDocuments is committed to a single software development and delivery model for its cloud platform. 100% of R&D resources, engineering, development, and customer service is focused on supporting its mission to delivering the most trusted, secure, reliable, and user-friendly platform available in the market today

As the marketplace accelerates its adoption of cloud technologies for critical applications, customers can and will dig deeper to understand the fundamental differences between offerings, and most importantly, what those differences ultimately mean in terms of the security, reliability, and usability of the very different cloud approaches.

If your firm has a cloud strategy, we invite you to take a close look at the latest from NetDocuments. Join the thousands of firms across the globe, benefiting from the experience and trust NetDocuments has earned in the market over years of delivering a world-class cloud-based platform.