DocsCorp and NetDocuments Launch ILTA Roadshow Addressing Cloud-First Strategy for Integrated Document Productivity

May 3, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA

DocsCorp and NetDocuments are presenting in 21 cities about recent document productivity advances that benefit law firms

DocsCorp (, a leading provider of document productivity tools, collaborates with NetDocuments to launch an ILTA Roadshow:  Cloud-First Strategy for Integrated Solutions – NetDocuments, DocsCorp and Office 365.  The Roadshow focuses on how cloud technologies are changing the way firms practice law.  New integrations between cloud applications and document management systems (DMS) can increase productivity and deliver a better end user experience for legal professionals.  Kicking off yesterday in Los Angeles, the Roadshow will visit a total of 21 cities across North America from May through November 2017.

Extending DMS functionality through the cloud is gaining traction in law firms as more work is done on mobile devices and outside of the office. Business-critical processes like document comparison, PDF editing, metadata removal and compressing, and OCRing are quicker and easier to perform due to seamless integration between cloud-based solution providers.

The Roadshow sessions will also briefly demonstrate how DocsCorp’s cloud-based applications integrate with the NetDocuments native cloud-based DMS platform, allowing users to be truly productive on the go, on any device. For example, NetDocuments users can compare and clean metadata from documents - anytime, anywhere.

Vice President of DocsCorp North America, Matthew Stalder, said, “We are incredibly pleased to partner with NetDocuments to help law firms pioneer a cloud-first strategy for document management in 2017 and beyond.  Seamless integration between cloud-based applications and the DMS is crucial to both productivity and mobility for today’s legal professionals, and we are proud to provide this informative session to support them.”

“It’s exciting to see the NetDocuments ecosystem of services and technology partners continue to grow through innovation,” Steve Moulton, NetDocuments’ Partner Program Manager stated. “Our leading partners such as DocsCorp are building outstanding integrations that add immense value to the NetDocuments cloud platform. We’re thrilled to be participating in this 2017 roadshow to highlight what DocsCorp has integrated and to further educate the market about the power and leverage of the cloud as well as the importance of incorporating a cloud-first approach to technology.”

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Those interested in attending a Cloud-First Strategy for Integrated Solutions – NetDocuments, DocsCorp and Office 365 session are encouraged to register now to secure their place. Lunch is included at each event and there is no charge.  You do not have to be an ILTA member to attend.