NetDocuments Integrates DocuSign to Deliver End-to-End Digital Contract Management for Law Firms and Corporations

January 26, 2016
Salt Lake City, UT

Trumpet, Inc.'s SignatureBridge middleware solution integrates NetDocuments with DocuSign

NetDocuments, the leading native cloud/SaaS-based document and email management service for law firms and corporate legal departments, today announced the availability of a solution that integrates its industry-leading products with DocuSign Inc.'s (DocuSign®) eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform. SignatureBridge, a middleware technology developed by NetDocuments technology partner Trumpet, Inc., will deliver seamless, end-to-end digital signature and cloud-based document and email management for law firms and corporate legal departments.

SignatureBridge addresses the needs of law firms and corporations who use NetDocuments and want the ability to "close the loop" as they route documents digitally for approval and electronic signature via DocuSign. SignatureBridge ensures that electronically-signed documents are properly filed and maintained within NetDocuments by automatically checking the documents out of system when they are routed for signature, then checking them back in when all signatures have been secured via DocuSign. From within NetDocuments, users can instantly monitor signature status and identify the number of outstanding signatures.

"The integration of NetDocuments and DocuSign is literally a signature event for legal firms that want to fully digitize and automate the management of transaction documents," said Reggie Davis, General Counsel at DocuSign. "SignatureBridge achieves that integration flawlessly so that law firms can make the digital transformation with DocuSign to streamline their current processes for faster speed to results, increased security and compliance, and a better client experience."

NetDocuments includes an extensive portfolio of third-party technology integrations, and SignatureBridge joins an ecosystem of end-user focused productivity solutions made available through the NetDocuments Marketplace.

"NetDocuments' integration with DocuSign furthers our vision to deliver the highest levels of security, predictability, usability and customer delight to the legal market," said Marriott Murdock, Marketing Director at NetDocuments. "Streamlining the process of managing digital signatures while securing transaction documents within the confines of the document management service ensures that security, compliance, and encryption are maintained while the digital signature takes place – a critical piece of the firm's overall information governance practices."

SignatureBridge is available from Trumpet, Inc. DocuSign and NetDocuments clients can contact their account representatives for more information or contact Trumpet, Inc. directly by calling (480) 961-6003, via email at or online at

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