Fireman & Company Join NetDocuments’ Channel Partner Program as Cloud Technology in Law Firms Continues to Rise

June 28, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT

Fireman & Company, a leading consulting firm for law firms and corporate legal departments, has joined NetDocuments' channel partner program to extend their technology portfolio. As law firms continue to aggressively seek modern solutions to better service their client base, Fireman & Company now has the ability to offer the leading, cloud-based document and email management service to help those firms upgrade their technology landscape.

Innovation is the backbone of Fireman & Company's consulting practice, and as such, recognized the opportunity to partner with NetDocuments to stay ahead of the technology curve in order to continue providing exceptional service to their clients. "Our goal is to respond to our client's needs by transforming technology and processes within the office to create the most productive environment possible," said Joshua Fireman, President at Fireman & Company. "We recognize NetDocuments as the leader in next generation DMS space, and we are excited to offer modernity, scalability, and simplicity through the technology that NetDocuments affords."

Fireman & Company is strategically poised to train, consult, and implement in all facets of law firm management, including knowledge and content management, which makes their organization a natural fit for partnering with NetDocuments. "Fireman & Company is a group of experienced leaders who have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to provide NetDocuments' training and implementation services to their diverse client base," said Steve Moulton, Partner Program Manager at NetDocuments. "We are excited to have them partner with us, and we recognize their abilities to improve organizational efficiencies through processes, standardizations, and most importantly, modern technology."