Forsters Selects NetDocuments/Cloud Platform

July 12, 2019
London, UK

NetDocuments, the leading secure cloud-based content services platform for law firms, corporate legal teams and compliance departments, has announced that Forsters LLP, a leading London law firm and the largest in London’s Mayfair, has selected NetDocuments as its secure cloud-based content services platform.

Forsters will implement the NetDocuments’ cloud DMS platform, ndMail for predictive email filing, NetDocuments OCR and ndSync for file synchronization. The firm, which evaluated a variety of competitive technologies, is excited about the move to an evergreen, cloud platform like NetDocuments.

According to Anthony Stables, CIO of Forsters, “Our document management software had served the firm well for the last few years, but the traditional client/server style of our software no longer met Forsters requirements. We are growing, and recognised that we needed to move with the times and significantly improve our search capabilities.”

The firm spent considerable time networking with peers at other firms, speaking with existing NetDocuments customers, and participating in available product and strategy workshops and presentations.

One concern with the existing system’s capability was around encryption and data governance.  Moving to the well documented and proven NetDocuments security and governance controls and processes will improve these areas.

Moving to the NetDocuments cloud platform has enabled Forsters to revisit its document security processes. “We evaluated many options, but NetDocuments won due to its approach to security, true cloud infrastructure, ease of use and speed of development,” added Stables.

Another important aspect of the NetDocuments DMS for Forsters, was the ability to “do everything” inside one application. “We consider this to be a big leap forward in terms of user satisfaction and initial adoption. So far, this has been extremely positive,” shared Emma Maccormick, Senior Project Manager, Forsters.

In terms of collaborative document and email management, NetDocuments’ ability to automatically update and sync data across the platform to all internal recipients of an email was of major importance to the firm. “Our users are looking forward to the automation around emails being saved into the relevant matter. This saves users wasting time and duplicating processes,” added Maccormick.

“After considerable due diligence and systems review, Forsters put its trust in the NetDocuments cloud platform,” stated Guy Phillips, General Manager, EMEA, NetDocuments. “We are extremely proud to welcome such a reputable firm to our customer base and look forward to tracking the firm’s NetDocuments’ deployment and innovative use in the future.”

As a pioneer in cloud-based legal technology, NetDocuments has spent two decades providing its customers with the safe, ready, and proven solutions necessary to improve workplace productivity and ensure optimal security and governance of firm and client content.

Forsters selection and use of NetDocuments will significantly improve offline working, "create easier file sharing and excellent searching will be valuable new tools for the firm, giving us greater agility and a plethora of new integration options,” concluded Maccormick.