García Sayán Streamlines and Secures Hybrid Working with NetDocuments

August 11, 2022
Lima, Peru and Salt Lake City, UT

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García Sayán Abogados (GSA) has selected and implemented NetDocuments, the worlds #1 cloud platform where legal professionals do work, to improve the Firm’s productivity and security, and streamline its hybrid work environment.

The Firm, which distinguishes itself by upholding one of the most rigorous standards of client confidentiality, switched to NetDocuments to address the challenges of working remotely, including content access, collaboration and maintaining productivity levels while out of the office.

Remote Realities

While many countries in Latin America had remote work regulations prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, most were rigid, which required adjustments to allow employers to rapidly adapt to their new remote, and now hybrid, reality. Upon the onset of the pandemic, GSA quickly enhanced its remote work technologies, including implementing NetDocuments to accommodate greater flexibility and less onerous remote working options.

Several years ago, the firm made a strategic commitment to invest in technology as a top area of growth, and the decision to select and rely on a cloud-only technology platform like NetDocuments underpins this approach. “We knew we wanted an innovative and technologically advanced cloud solution and that is how we discovered NetDocuments,” stated Alberto Varillas, Firm Managing Partner and expert in oil and gas legislation, labor and immigration law. “While our previous document management technology met some of our basic document needs, it did not offer adequate alternatives for a new remote reality.”

As part of the system transition, the Firm was able to take files that had been stored locally and across numerous data sources and centralize them quickly in the NetDocuments cloud platform.

“Initially, when we moved to a remote/hybrid workplace, we thought it would be temporary. However, as it stands today, we have the ideal balance of ‘in office’ and remote, and the right technology to support our hybrid working model,” stated Varillas. “Moving to the cloud has allowed us to easily access documents, discussions, and matters, regardless of where our attorneys are in the world, and they can access these materials when they need them. It was clearly the smart thing to do.”

GSA partnered with Alfredo Reátegui and Lima-based Pronet S.A.C. to maximize adoption across the Firm and ensure a smooth implementation and user training.

In addition to streamlining its hybrid work environment and being able to enhance content security, the GSA team is taking full advantage of NetDocuments powerful search tools to easily find and access documents and data. “We are really taking advantage of NetDocuments powerful search, and are finding it much easier to use, faster and more comprehensive and accurate than other platforms we used before,” added Varillas.

“We are thrilled to partner with García Sayán to help them realize their cloud-based, hybrid  working vision,” stated Marriott Murdock, Senior Regional Director, Latin America, at NetDocuments. They are now leading with the cloud and can collaborate more easily — and securely — all of which contributes to delivering the best client service.”

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