In Cloud We Trust: How an investment bank went all the way with the cloud

May 9, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

Investment banking is complex enough, anyone alive in 2008 can attest to that. Now couple that with the difficulty of sharing information in a secure and compliant way across offices and firewalls. That's the situation THiNKGREEN! Global Advisors was looking at before it made its move to the cloud.

"We used to have our own server but that was pretty dicey. It was usually reliable until it wasn't. If that went down, everything went to a standstill...Now we know that all of our documents are always available and safe in NetDocuments. Our whole idea was to be entirely in the cloud to eliminate wasted resources which bodes well with our green tech push." - Asmaa Parker, banking associate.

THiNKGREEN! Global Advisors is paving the way for the next generation of green and sustainable energy companies and found a technology solution that helped it grow its business without sacrificing its clean technology values.

Post written by Danny Johnson of the NetDocuments marketing team