Innovations in Document Management

November 25, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

Recently, Leonard Johnson was featured as a guest writer for John Mancini's "8 things" blog series with a post titled, "The 8 Things that Changed the History of Document Management."

The blog describes eight disruptive innovations that had large impacts on the way people manage documents. The eight items are as follows:

1. The File Cabinet

2. The Server

3. The PC

4. Electronic Document Management Systems

5. The Search Engine

6. The Scanner

7. The Cloud

8. The Smart Phone

The NetDocuments management team has been contributing to DMS improvements for nearly three decades, and are excited for the innovations that new technologies are facilitating. On Tuesday, during the Ilta '09 technology conference, we announced our upcoming integration with Google Wave. We are very excited about the possibilities this will offer our users and expect it to have a great impact on the future of collaboration within the NetDocuments document management system. NetDocuments CIO Alvin Tedjamulia said, "Many of our customers see the value of collaboration via a web service and use our collaborative features regularly." He continued "Extending our NetDocuments service with Wave will not only enhance our collaborative features but will make it easier for our customers to share content and conversations with the people in Google's current and future market reach."

The release date of this integration will be in line with Google's development schedule.