Invest in Human Capital to Protect and Extend Your Firm’s Brand

January 18, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT

It's no surprise we focus on technology topics – after all, we've been developing, selling, supporting, and enhancing our content management software for over a decade. Legal technology and cloud computing have brought incredible opportunity for firms to invest in their technology infrastructure with the promise of returns …but what about the people in your firm?

Too often companies and law firms alike downplay the importance of investing in their human capital that is not only running their practice, but interfacing with clients, other companies, and the general public – therefore becoming an extension of the firm's brand.

Investing in your people could mean a variety of things. In fact, it could mean so many things that firms simply do none – paralysis by analysis. Start small, and start with a personalized approach. Yes, this actually means you'll need to get to know the people in your firm beyond the light water-cooler conversations. Send them to a seminar on a topic of interest, a tradeshow, professional coaching, or specialized functional training (e.g. for a specific software they may use). Another approach to human capital investment is to give them opportunities to reach beyond their job description and apply their skills somewhere else (temporarily) in the firm. Office administrator happens to have a knack for photography? Let him or her take a stab at the professional headshots or firm facility shoot.

By thinking of creative ways to offer job enrichment at the personal level, your firm will reap the benefits of promoting positive dialogue around the brand with whomever your people are talking to. You'll extend your firm's influence, increase employee retention, and overall create a better work environment.