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September 20, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT


This morning in London, NetDocuments CTO Alvin Tedjamulia, along with UK channel partner Quintech International had a very lively and interactive webinar with a number of UK law firms and businesses. If you missed that, you need not worry. We have a slate of upcoming webinars on new cloud computing innovation, as well as our SaaS document management system and some of the new features.

Small Law Webinar - October 14th 4:00pm EST

You've probably heard by now the terms "cloud computing" and "SaaS," but you may not be aware how they can benefit your law practice? Well, acclaimed legal technology expert Deepa Patel of Halak Consulting, and editor of the Force4Lawyers blog, will be teaming up with Marc Duncan of the NetDocuments team give a webinar that will provide an answer to this question. It will take place October 14th and it is free to register. The webinar will also cover these important topics:

  • SaaS Simplicity - Learn how you can have all of your documents accessible from any internet connections in just a few hours.
  • SaaS Security - Understand why many people believe that their documents are safer in the world class NetDocuments data centers than they would be saved to a local server or external hard drive.
  • Collaboration – Web based solutions not only allow members of the firm to access documents and data, but can also provide access to clients, co-counsel and third parties.
  • Reduced Costs – Solos and small firm lawyers no longer have to use inferior technology in comparison to the large firms. The new mantra is, "Small firm…Big Technology". Legal SaaS applications are leveling the playing field by bringing together centralized resources that are managed and serviced by the SaaS provider; thus, allowing lawyers to focus on solving cases, rather than solving IT problems.
  • Number of Options – In the past, law firms were limited in the number of SaaS options available, today, there are numerous options for SaaS email, practice management, time and billing, document assembly, document management, etc. Learn how you can leverage an integrated web based platform to manage your practice from the cloud.

Find out if cloud computing is right for you by registering for the October 14th webinar.

Partner with NetDocuments

NetDocuments channel partner program is growing as we are working with a number of motivated and active partners. To learn more about the program, visit the NetDocuments Community's partner section.

Furthermore, we are always looking for interested people to team up with us to do a webinar. If you'd like to partner with the NetDocuments team in doing a webinar or presentation on cloud computing, SaaS or another related topic, send an email to Danny Johnson at or hit NetDocuments with a tweet at @NetDocuments.

This post was written by Danny Johnson of the NetDocuments marketing team. He can be reached on Twitter at @dannymjohnson.