Jackson Kelly PLLC Swaps On-premise DMS and Moves to the Cloud

October 16, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

Jackson Kelly PLLC has selected NetDocuments to replace Worldox, their existing on-premise document management system.  As the firm's requirements to service clients around the country in a wide variety of industries remains a priority, they sought out a modern and scalable solution to manage documents and email.  The switch was prompted in an effort to take advantage of the mobility, collaboration, continuity, and security that NetDocuments cloud-based document management service has to offer.

Law firms are increasingly taking their business applications to the cloud, and Jackson Kelly PLLC required this platform to service their clients in a more secure and efficient environment.  "As we evaluated document management solutions, we needed a vendor with proven advanced cloud security, as well as a solution that offered our clients seamless collaboration with the attorneys," said Skip Lohmeyer, CIO at Jackson Kelly PLLC.  "NetDocuments not only delivers on security and collaboration, but through their solution, we are able to access pertinent firm information from any device, anywhere in the world."

Jackson Kelly PLLC is unique because of the many industries they are able to serve, and their commitment to their clients is reflective of their decision to modernize their technology by switching to NetDocuments.  "We are thrilled to have such a reputable firm join us as they recognize the value that NetDocuments will add to their firm", said Keith Schneider, Senior Account Manager at NetDocuments.  "Their commitment to client service is undoubtedly their top priority in every decision they make."

For 15 years, NetDocuments has been providing leading law firms an alternative to traditional, on-premise document management systems.  Firms are able to move their data into the security of NetDocuments robust cloud infrastructure, and subsequently collaborate, both internally and externally, allowing the focus to be on the client and not technology.

About Jackson Kelly PLLC

Jackson Kelly PLLC is a national law firm with more than 200 attorneys located in twelve offices throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado and the District of Columbia. Focusing on clients' industry-specific needs, the Firm serves a wide variety of corporate and public clients and enjoys a national reputation in business, labor and employment, litigation, government contracts, tax, safety and health, permitting, natural resource and environmental law. The Firm's clients and peers recognize its commitment to providing superior client service as Jackson Kelly has repeatedly been selected as a Go-To Law Firm for the Top 500 Companies in the U.S. and is regularly named to BTI's Client Service A-Team.

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