Keep Your Friends Close, and the Cloud Even Closer: New Cloud TCO Calculator

September 30, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

Are you in the cloud?

Whether you answered yes or no, the gateway to the secure cloud just became wider and easier to navigate with the help of a new website aptly titled,

The website contains a lot of life changing content but the most important feature of the site may be the fully customizable cloud TCO calculator. Intrigued? Let me show you how it works...

1. Calculate

Once you step onto the cloud (enter the site) and scroll down to the TCO calculator, all you have to do is enter the total number of employees in your organization, as well as total number of offices, click calculate and let it do its thing.

2. Analyze

After you hit calculate, a comparison of the total cost of ownership between a web based cloud DMS vs. an on premise document management system will magically appear. I realize that you may be wondering, "how does it know what my legacy content management system costs?" I would like to say that the TCO calculator is omniscient but surprisingly it is not. The numbers for the "On Premise DMS" are based on the costs of large legacy SQL systems like iManage, but we understand that not all DMS solutions were created equal. For that reason, the TCO allows you to customize these numbers to get a more representative comparison. We'll go over that in step 3.

*The NetDocuments price is based on our Professional Plus Service, which includes all of our features and is our most expensive package.

3. Customize

Step three begins by reverting your eyes to step 2. You will notice in figure 2 the blue "customize" button, once you hit this button, you will be able to customize the data to compare NetDocuments with any other on premise system that exists in the universe.

4. Decide

At this point, the TCO has done its job and the next step depends on you. But don't worry, their is an entire team of sales people at NetDocuments ready and willing to help as you move beyond the lower TCO and learn about the other inherent benefits of a SaaS document management system. Send an email to or contact us on Twitter at @NetDocuments to learn more.