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December 3, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT

The 2015 International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) survey report highlights important market trends, challenges, and opportunities facing today's leading law firms. The rise of the cloud in legal technology has propelled firms forward in terms of how they service their clients, manage their data, and access their mission-critical systems across devices. However, one challenge as highlighted in the survey, is the lack of integration across cloud applications.

For over a decade, NetDocuments has offered free and open APIs for technology integrators to write custom integrations and applications that enhance the value of NetDocuments leading cloud-based document and email management service (DMS). Today, NetDocuments is partnered with over 50 technology companies who have aligned their services, products, or software to work hand-in-hand with NetDocuments native cloud-based/SaaS DMS. This week, Legaltech News showcased two recent integrations from DocsCorp and FileTrail.

Improve Information Governance by Incorporating Physical and Digital Data

The FileTrail integration enables paper documents and physical records to be accounted for in the enterprise DMS and cataloged in the matter-centric workspace view. By including physical records in the DMS, records retention and knowledge management are improved, while increasing the level of compliance and governance around the firm's data.

DocsCorp's integration allows their new product, contentCrawler, to seamlessly convert image-based files stored in the NetDocuments repository and convert them to full-text searchable documents. This means the search results will be improved as individuals across the firm will be able to leverage NetDocuments' enterprise search engine, performing search functions such as: phrase, proximity, boolean operators, metadata searches as well as analysis through post-search entity extraction and results filtering.

Both of these integrations address the client-driven demands for more rigorous information governance and data security. These demands are motivating firms to look to specialized vendors who have invested and dedicated the time and resources to produce integrated enterprise solutions for today's modern practice. FileTrail and DocsCorp, along with the many other companies listed in NetDocuments' Marketplace, know this and are moving the legal technology landscape in the right direction towards a more integrated cloud experience.

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