ndOffice™ NetDocuments’ Embedded Microsoft Office Integration is Selected as Technolawyer’s Top 10 Product of the Year

December 9, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

ndOffice, NetDocuments' Microsoft Office integration product, has won Technolawyer's Top 10 Products of 2014 Award. ndOffice was chosen by subscribers amongst a pool of nearly 200 products that Technolawyer highlighted throughout the year. Launched in April, ndOffice has revolutionized the way that documents are managed by embedding NetDocuments' core functionality of saving, editing, version control, and document profiling directly into the Microsoft Office applications.

ndOffice allows users to reside in the native Microsoft Office applications, allowing them to work the same way they always have. ndOffice centralizes and simplifies many of the core features found in enterprise-grade document management systems (DMS). "ndOffice is a transformative tool that is truly a DMS game-changer in terms of usability," said Leonard Johnson, VP of Product Development at NetDocuments. "All of the critical functions of document management are performed in Office without compromising the security or functionality that law firms expect. We are thrilled to have ndOffice top the list of this year's products, as it speaks to the power it has to bring the DMS to users across the firm, improving the ease of use for a vital application."

Having NetDocuments embedded directly into Microsoft Office has proven an effective alternative to logging directly into the DMS to work with documents. "The interface was intelligently designed to mirror what we are all used to with working in MS Office applications, and the back-end processing brings a seamless DMS experience to the user directly through Microsoft Office," said Matt Duncan, CEO of NetDocuments. "This product is changing the legal technology landscape by improving productivity with the most user-friendly DMS integration with Microsoft available on the market today. We are excited to have the product validated by Technolawyer, further legitimizing our efforts to give customers the most modern content management solutions available."

As opposed to traditional, on-premises DMS solutions, NetDocuments enhances its service regularly through periodic updates at no extra expense or commitment from the firm. Products like ndOffice scale across large and small offices alike because of NetDocuments' secure and patented cloud infrastructure, giving customers the most reliable, usable, and mobile experience available for document management.

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