NetDocuments and DocSolid Integrate Airmail2 Cloud-Based Enterprise Scanning Solution for Law Firms

June 11, 2013
Lehi, UT

NetDocuments today announced a partnership with DocSolid, a leader in document scanning solutions for the legal market, to integrate the Airmail2 cloud-based enterprise scanning solution with its document management service. Using Airmail2 NetDocuments, law firms can efficiently manage their paper documents by automatically filing scanned documents directly into a matter workspace in NetDocuments.

"At Gilbert, our attorneys and staff need a fast and simple way to scan to NetDocuments," said Frank Schipani, director of information systems at Gilbert LLP, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm. "We already have copier-based scanning, but it's too slow for repetitive scanning. With Airmail2 NetDocuments we can profile paper documents just like we do electronic documents, then scan stacks of fully pre-profiled documents with the touch of one button at any of our scanning devices. This kind of integrated, secure scanning will finally bring our paper under digital control."

To begin scanning single or stacks of documents, users profile paper documents using existing NetDocuments profile screens and print a coversheet containing a unique barcode to establish each document scan workflow. One-button operation scans the stack at any networked copier or scanner, whereupon Airmail2 automatically files each document by profile and optical character recognition (OCR) into a law firm's NetDocuments repository, and initiates any document-specific workflows.

"Airmail2 NetDocuments provides law firms with a simple, secure way to process and send their paper documents to the cloud," said Leonard Johnson, NetDocuments vice president of marketing and product management. "This integration bridges the gap between law firms' physical, internal networks and their digital, secure, cloud-based service by linking the two together in a seamless, convenient way."

With universal scanning capabilities, Airmail2 NetDocuments provides flexibility by working with any networked multifunction printer, copier or scanner, enabling law firms to use their existing office equipment.

"For NetDocuments customers who want to get serious about scanning, Airmail2 NetDocuments provides a best-practice enterprise solution," said Steve Irons, president of DocSolid. "The Airmail2 platform reduces costs and increases productivity by removing paper filing and storage burdens, and we anticipate it will quickly become a favorite feature among NetDocuments users."

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Join the DocSolid team as they present Airmail2 Netdocuments with two days of webinars – Register for June 26 or June 27 at 2PM EDT.

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